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Function of the day

Construct the path to a file from components in a platform-independent way.

Package of the day

This package implements a data structure similar to hashes in Perl and dictionaries in Python but with a purposefully R flavor. For objects of appreciable size, access using hashes outperforms native named lists and vectors.

Question of the day

On general request, a community wiki on producing latex tables in R. In this post I'll give an overview of the most commonly used packages and blogs with code for producing latex tables from less straight-forward objects. Please feel free to add any I missed, and/or give tips, hints and little tricks on how to produce nicely formatted latex tables with R.

Recent blog posts

1 day 9 hours ago
Earlier this month TechCrunch published an article of mine, "The Business Economics And Opportunity Of Open-Source Data Science". With this article I wanted to share how open-source software has disrupted the economics of doing business, now that data is a fundamental component of every businesses' operations.
2 days 17 hours ago
by Andrew EkstromRecovering physicist, applied mathematician and graduate student in applied Stats and systems engineering We know that R is a great system for performing statistical analysis. The price is quite nice too ;-) . As a graduate student, I need a cheap replacement for Matlab and/or Maple. Well, R can do that too. Iā€™m running a large program that benefits from parallel processing. RRO 8.0.2 with the MKL works exceedingly well.

Featured How To

The following list of data sources has been modified as of 3/18/14. Most of the data sets listed below are free, however, some are not.