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by Joseph Rickert


Last week, I was fortunate enough to attend the R Summit & Workshop, an invitation only event, held at the Copenhagen Business School. The abstracts for the public talks presented are online and well worth a look. Collectively they provide a snapshot of the state of development of R and the R Community as well some insight into the directions in which researchers are moving to expand the boundaries of R.


by Andrie de Vries

Today is the first day of UseR!2015 conference in Aalborg in Northern Denmark.  But yesterday was a day packed with 16 tutorials on a range of interesting topics.  I submitted a proposal many months ago to run a session on using R in Hadoop and was very happy to selected to run a session in the morning.

The R community has grown explosively over the past few years, both in terms of the number of R users and the number of companies who rely on R as their data science platform.

Mixed models (which include random effects, essentially parameters drawn from a random distribution) are tricky beasts. Throw non-Normal distributions into the mix for Generalized Linear Mixed Models (GLMMs), or go non-linear, and things get trickier still. It was a new field of Statistics when I was working on the Oswald package for S-PLUS, and even 20 years later some major questions have yet to be fully answered (like, how do you calculate the degrees of freedom for a significance test?).

Here's one for all the vexillologists out there. The USA has 50 states, and each of them has a flag. Even if you live in the States, you probably haven't seen them all and many of them are ... surprising. Take the "typography" on Oregon's flag to start:

By Andrie de Vries


How many packages exist on CRAN?  Joseph Rickert went fishing for packages and said the answer is 6,789 (on June 18th, 2015).

But is that really the same answer for everybody?

John Mount Ph. D.
Data Scientist at Win-Vector LLC

An A/B test is a very simple controlled experiment where one group is subject to a new treatment (often group "B") and the other group (often group "A") is considered a control group. The classic example is attempting to compare defect rates of two production processes (the current process, and perhaps a new machine).

by Sean Wells, Senior Software Engineer, Microsoft and David Russell

DeployR exists to solve a number of fundamental R analytics integration problems faced by application developers. For example, have you ever wondered how you might execute an R script from within a Web-based dashboard, an enterprise middleware solution, or a mobile application? DeployR makes it very simple. In fact, DeployR makes it very simple for any application developed in any language to: