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Here's another wonderful illusion. In the animated GIF below, you may see the woman rotating to the right, to the left, or bouncing from the left to the right.

We had a fantastic turnout to last week's webinar, Introduction to Microsoft R Open. If you missed it, you can watch the replay below.

If you're one of those people that dreads long plane flights, this map by Matt Strimas-Mackey will help you find routes to avoid. It shows Wikipedia's list of the top 30 scheduled commercial flights by distance (with code-share duplicates removed), represented as a map showing the routes colour-coded by the time spent in the air.

There's more to Iowa than just today's presidential primary. Last month, the Central Iowa R User Group hosted Dr. Max Kuhn, Director of Non-Clinical Statistics at Pfizer Global R&D, via video-chat to present on Applied Predictive Modeling with R.

When I used to play pinball competitively, people would always express surprise that pinball was actually a competitive game. It's not just about randomly bouncing balls: there's quite a lot of skill in the nudging and, especially, controlling the balls using the flippers. If you've tried to play a game or two at the local bar and been frustrated by the ball going anywhere except where you want it to go, here are a few tricks to help you with your game:


Like many modern cities, New York offers a public pick-up/drop-off bicycle service (called Citi Bikes). Subscribing City Bike members can grab a bike from almost 500 stations scattered around the city, hop on and ride to their destination, and drop the bike at a nearby station.

by Joseph Rickert

Quite a few times over the past few years I have highlighted presentations posted by R user groups on their websites and recommended these sites as a source for interesting material, but I have never thought to see what the user groups were doing on GitHub. As you might expect, many people who make presentations at R user group meetings make their code available on GitHub. However as best as I can tell, only a few R user groups are maintaining GitHub sites under the user group name.

Astronomer and budding data scientist Julia Silge has been using R for less than a year, but based on the posts using R on her blog has already become very proficient at using R to analyze some interesting data sets.