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Big Data Analytics to Revolutionize Services

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Revolution Analytics' CEO Dave Rich was interviewed by Wikibon's David Vellante and SiliconAngle's John Furrier at the Strata 2012 conference last week. Given Dave's background at Accenture Analytics, the conversation naturally turned to impact of predictive analytics and R on business services. (See the video after the jump, below.)

Bret Latmore of SiliconANGLE provides highlights of the interview, including Dave's assessment of the opportinity for R in the enterprise:  

[Big Data revolutionizing business processes] is the reason Rich chose to become CEO of Revolution Analytics, which he calls "the Red Hat of R", which is the next-generation analytical programming language that has replaced SAS and SPSS in academia. Like Linux, R was developed by an open source community of mostly academics as an advanced analytics language.

Now, he says, the legacy language owners are milking their markets. IBM, for instance, hiked the price of SPSS licenses after buying it. As a result, R is growing in commercial use – for instance Oracle recently announced that it was standardizing on R. "We thought that was great. The same thing happened with Linux. Legacy customers were tired of the high license fees [for the commercial operating systems], so they put Red Hat in business. We're at that same inflection point."

See the video after the jump, and read more of the interview at the link below.

ServicesAngle: Big Data Analytics to Revolutionize Services, Says Industry CEO