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In case you missed it: February Roundup

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In case you missed them, here are some articles from February of particular interest to R users.

February 29 marked the 12th anniversary of the release of R 1.0.0, and the release of R 2.14.2.

A list of commercial vendors who have integrated R with their products for data, analysis, and presentation.

The rmr package (part of the RHadoop project integrating R and Hadoop) has been updated with improved performance and controls.

A three-part tutorial on creating beautiful choropleths and raster-based maps with R.

How to analyze weblog data with R.

Slides and video from the recent webinar, "Revolution R: 100% R and more" are available.

R is featured in two articles in Sybase's Financial Services Viewpoint newsletter.

Our review of "Machine Learning for Hackers", a new O'Reilly book that makes heavy use of R.

An "Introduction to R" course in San Jose, CA on Mar 10.

Political analysis publication Politico uses R charts to look at data from the US presidential primary elections.

Hadley Wickham's webinar "A backstage tour of ggplot2" previews new features in the latest version of the R graphics package (video and slides).

Revolution R Enterprise now supporting Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.

A stunning map of bike route usage in London, created with ggplot2.

How to visualize a conversation on Twitter with R.

Rstudio updated to version 0.95.

High-performance computing with Revolution R on MSU's Statistical Computing Cluster featured in ReadWriteWeb.

Revolution Analytics welcomes new CEO, Dave Rich.

R charts in prominent places: in Facebook's IPO documents, and in the journal Nature.

Analyst David Menninger reflects on the winning entries in the Applications of R in Business contest.

Other non-R-related stories in the past month included: top influencers in Big Data, how Target predicted a girl's pregnancy before her father knew, and a better map-folding method. And on a lighter note: What Statisticians Actually Do, and Star Wars as community theatre and Lego.

There are new R user groups in Austin and Adelaide, Cambridge, and Berkeley. There's also interest in R user groups in Austria, Pittsburgh and Phoenix. Meeting times for local R user groups can be found on the updated R Community Calendar.

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