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R 2.15.0 "Easter Beagle" is released

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The R core group today announced the availability of R 2.15.0, codenamed "Easter Beagle". If you build R yourself, the new source distribution (including packages for Debian Linux) is available now, and binaries for Windows, MacOS and Linux will be available from your local CRAN mirror over the next couple of days. (As of this writing, Windows binaries are already propagating.)

This release includes many new features, but highlights include:

  • Parallelized versions of the mapply and Map functions
  • Load-balancing support for parallel programming on clusters 
  • Improved performance when serializing R objects to/from disk (which will in turn improve performance of R integrated with systems like Hadoop)
  • High-performance functions for calculating row/column statistics on matrix and data frame objects
  • Support for simulating random matrixes using the Wishart distribution

R 2.15.0 represents the first release in the R Project's new annual release cycle. R 2.16 is expected about the same time next year, with patch updates in the interim as required. Many thanks go to the R core team for their hard work and dedication continuing to improve and advance the state of the R engine, core packages, and build infrastructure.

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