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Multiple Sclerosis Tweet-Chat: Review

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We had a great Twitter conversation last Thursday on the use of big-data analytics, Revolution R Enterprise, and IBM Netezza in the search for a cure for MS. Many thanks to the other panelists: Murali Ramanathan (SUNY Buffalo), Tim Coetzee (National MS Society) and moderator Shawn Dolley (IBM) for fielding and answering questions from interested parties following #IBMDataChat. As you can see from this twitteR analysis, it was a lively discussion, with more than 300 tweets during the designated hour:

IBM's James Kobielus has a summary of the chat, highlighting some of the key nuggets of information. For example, Dr Ramanathan revealed that this research is helping to understand interactions between genetic factors and environment that could help identify lifestyle and diet changes to manage MS. 

Also, in this interview with IBM's Mike Kearney I explain why the R language is uniquely suited for research like this, and how Revolution R works with the massive data volumes required for this study.

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