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In case you missed it: June 2012 Roundup

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In case you missed them, here are some articles from June of particular interest to R users.

The FDA goes on the record that it's OK to use R for drug trials.

A review of talks at the useR! 2012 conference.

Using the negative binomial distribution to convert monthly fecundity into the chances of having a baby in a given time period.

Some benchmarks and a video demonstration of big-data Tweedie models with Revolution R Enterprise.

Why Orbitz's R-based models present more expensive hotels to Mac users.

How to convert a rugby score to an equivalent soccer score, with GAMs.

Performance improvements in R 2.15.1.

David Smith talks about R for data science in a DM Radio podcast.

CIO magazine says R is a Big Data open source technology to watch.

Birthday probabilities aren't uniform. US census data analysis reveals unlikely days to be born, as a calendar heatmap based on simulation () and a time series.

R makes the cover (with Hadoop and NoSQL) of ComputerWorld magazine.

The "killer app" for R with Hadoop: converting the "crude oil" of unstructured data into the "refined gasoline" of structured data.

A video with several demonstrations of data mining with R.

Info on the new Revolution R Enterprise 6.0 (based on R 2.14.2), released in June.

A Government Security News article on applications of R in government.

Pat Burn's "Inferno-ish R" describes the influences that shaped R, and includes an historic photo of Robert and Ross.

Other non-R-related stories in the past month included: the improbability of finding a soulmate, the Fibonacci sequence in a Tool song, using randomized trials for government policy, a Battlestar Galactica game parody, a Lego-themed movie quiz, the awe of Big Data and Andromeda on a collision course.

There are new R user groups in Ankara and Toronto. Meeting times for local R user groups can be found on the updated R Community Calendar.

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