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Applications of R at Google

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At a talk I saw at the useR!2012 conference last month, Googler Karl Millar estimated that there are at least 200 active R users at Google, plus another 300+ occasional users participating in Google's internal R support list. But what are all these Google employees doing with R? A post from the Google Research team published on Google+ yesterday sheds some light:

At Google we use Statistics every day to improve products, optimize infrastructure, and understand users. We’ve built a number of engineering systems to process and store massive amounts of data. These systems often use thousands of computers in parallel to process and manipulate the data. For many of our statisticians and data analysts, however, such systems provide only the first step of an interactive data analysis workflow that also involves filtering, classifying, modeling, visualizing, and forecasting quantitative data across all aspects of our business.

R is the main Statistics language at Google, according to Karl Millar. Here are some of the specific applications of R at Google mentioned in the post:

To read the full Google+ post from the Google Research team, follow the link below.

Google+: Research at Google