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by Gregory Vandenbrouck
Software Engineer, Microsoft

This post is the fourth in a series that covers pulling data from Microsoft SQL Server or MySQL/MariaDB on Azure to an R client on Windows or Linux.

by Richard Kittler, Revolution R Enterprise PM, Microsoft Advanced Analytics

In its latest release Revolution has added to the platform support of Revolution R Enterprise (RRE) version 7.4. Released August 14, version 7.4.1 extends RRE 7.4 capabilities to the Teradata database, HPC Server cluster, and Windows 10 platforms.

Tomorrow marks the anniversary of the VJ-Day and 70 years since the end of World War II. In terms of fatalities, WW2 remains the single deadliest event in all of human history, and the sheer scale of death is hard to comprehend today. The Fallen of World War 2, an incredibly moving visualization created by Neil Halloran, nonetheless attempts to put it in context.

David Smith's picture
August 14, 2015

This just in from the R Core Team: R 3.2.2 has been released. With this update, data accessed over the Web -- including files downloaded using download.file via URLS, and packages installed install.packages -- will be transmitted using the secure HTTPS protocol.

by Andrie de Vries

This week at JSM2015, the annual conference of the American Statistical Association, Joseph Rickert and I gave a presentation on the topic of "The network structure of CRAN and BioConductor" (link to abstract).

In case you missed them, here are some articles from July of particular interest to R users.

An alternative to stacked bar charts with the streamgraphs package.

Joseph Rickert shares his process for creating the monthly new and updated packages "spotlight" feature on MRAN.

A couple of lads wanted to set a world record by shooting a basket from the top of the 415-ft high Gordon Dam in Tasmania. They made the basket, but that wasn't coolest bit. In a second attempt, they gave the basketball a bit of backspin, and well ... just see how far it flew: