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Like many modern cities, New York offers a public pick-up/drop-off bicycle service (called Citi Bikes). Subscribing City Bike members can grab a bike from almost 500 stations scattered around the city, hop on and ride to their destination, and drop the bike at a nearby station.

by Joseph Rickert

Quite a few times over the past few years I have highlighted presentations posted by R user groups on their websites and recommended these sites as a source for interesting material, but I have never thought to see what the user groups were doing on GitHub. As you might expect, many people who make presentations at R user group meetings make their code available on GitHub. However as best as I can tell, only a few R user groups are maintaining GitHub sites under the user group name.

Astronomer and budding data scientist Julia Silge has been using R for less than a year, but based on the posts using R on her blog has already become very proficient at using R to analyze some interesting data sets.

The American Community Survey, conducted by the US Census Bureau, collects data from around 3.5 million households each year in order to estimate various demographic statistics of the US population, including appliances installed in the home, languages spoken, work experience and much more (here's the complete data dictionary).

If you've ever taken the Tube in London (or indeed the subway in any big city) during rush hour, you'll probably have found yourself in a swarm of people at the base of a long escalator. And Heaven forfend you break the cardinal rule: if you're not walking up the escalator on the left side, you'd better be standing on the right (or expect some severe tutting behind you).

A quick heads-up that I'll be presenting a live webinar on Thursday January 28, Introduction to Microsoft R Open. If you know anyone that should get to know R and/or Microsoft R Open, send 'em along. Here's the abstract:

Microsoft R Open 3.2.3, the performance-enhanced distribution of R 3.2.3, is now available for download from

by John Mount Ph.D.
Data Scientist at Win-Vector LLC

Let's talk about the use and benefits of parallel computation in R.