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The marketers at Honda clearly wanted people to think this CR-V ad was so cool, that they had to share it. Well, they got me:


by Daniel Hanson, QA Data Scientist, Revolution Analytics

Christmas Day is a holiday for the Revolution Analytics team. However you celebrate, the warmest seasons greetings go to our customers, partners, readers and the R community worldwide from everyone at Revolution Analytics. Click here for a holiday message from our CEO, Dave Rich

We leave you with some seasonal cheer from our Mountain View holiday party — thanks to Parisa M for sharing!



by Sheri Gilley, Principal UI Designer at Revolution Analytics

by Thomas Dinsmore, Director of Product Management at Revolution Analytics

It's cold and unusually snowy here in Seattle, so the weather seemed like a good theme for this week's Because it's Friday post. This gorgeous visualization of global weather conditions by Cameron Beccario is clearly inspired by the Wind Map (now on display at the New York Museum of Modern Art), but encompasses the enire globe.

In a survey we published in September, 80% of statisticians agreed that there should be an ethical framework in place for collecting and using data. In today's guest post, Dr. Ann Cavoukian, the Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario, Canada, describes Privacy by Design: an international standard for privacy protection.

by Dr. Ann Cavoukian

I'm heading out on vacation shortly but don't worry: we have a fantastic series of guest bloggers contributing to the Revolution blog for the next 3 weeks. We'll have posts from the Revolution Analytics development team, contributions from prominent R community members, and industry experts. And I'll still pop in from time to time with a few pre-scheduled surprises.