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by Uday Tennety:  Director, Advanced Analytics Services at Revolution Analytics

The R ecosystem has become widely popular lately with large players such as Pivotal, Tibco, Oracle, IBM, Teradata and SAP integrating R into their product suites. All these big players are using value chain integration and platform envelopment strategies to build a network effect in order to gain maximum leverage against their competitors in the Big Data and Analytics space.

by Max Kuhn: Director, Nonclinical Statistics, Pfizer

I spend a lot of time working on machine learning problems where we have the need to predict some future data point based on historical data. I just wrote a book on the subject and developed the caret R package to facilitate my work. caret stands for Classification And REgression Training (and yes I back-fit the name to the acronym).

If, like me, you struggled to understand the Fourier Transformation when you first learned about it, this succinct one-sentence colour-coded explanation from Stuart Riffle probably comes several years too late:

by Michael Helbraun

Michael is member of Revolution Analytics Sales Support team. In the following post, he shows how to synthesize a probability distribution from the opinion of multiple experts: an excellent way to construct a Bayesian prior.

by Stephen Weller, Senior Support Engineer at Revolution Analytics, and Joseph Rickert

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January 1, 2014

It's a brand new year, and the Revolutions blog is now three weeks into its sixth year. Hard to believe that a little over five years ago this was the only R-related blog; now there are more than 450 and the R project and the R community continue to thrive and grow. 

As we close out the year, we asked a few members of the Revolution Analytics team to make a few predictions about big data analytics, data science and R for 2014. Here's what they came up with (including a few from yours truly).

by Luba Gloukhov

The first time I had an Islay single malt, my mind was blown. In my first foray into the world of whiskies, I took the plunge into the smokiest, peatiest beast of them all — Laphroig. That same night, dreams of owning a smoker were replaced by the desire to roam the landscape of smoky single malts.

As an Islay fan, I wanted to investigate whether distilleries within a given region do in fact share taste characteristics. For this, I used a dataset profiling 86 distilleries based on 12 flavor categories.

The marketers at Honda clearly wanted people to think this CR-V ad was so cool, that they had to share it. Well, they got me:


by Daniel Hanson, QA Data Scientist, Revolution Analytics