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The first official release of R, R version 1.0.0 was released on February 29, 2000. The anniversary was marked on Twitter by Thomas Lumley, a member of R Core Group: 20 leading statisicians and computer scientists (and 4 alums) from around the world without whom the R Project would not exist. That makes it 16 years — sixteen!

Microsoft has updated the Data Science Virtual Machine, a data science toolkit-in-a-box that you can easily spin up on the Microsoft Azure cloud service.

by Verena Haunschmid

Since I have a cat tracker, I wanted to do some analysis of the behavior of my cats. I have shown how to do some of these things here

Data Collection

The data was collected using the Tractive GPS Pet Tracker over a period of about one year from January 2014 to November 2014 (with breaks). From March to November I additionally took notes in an Excel sheet which cat was carrying the tracker.

One of benefit of integrating R with PowerBI is access to rich array of data visulizations not present in the standard PowerBI loadout. R is practically unlimited in the types of graphics it can create (although the amount of programming required can vary from a few lines using an existing R package, to large custom functions for truly bespoke graphics).

If you thought there was only one British accent, well, I'm guessing you've never tried to have a conversation with a Scotsman in bar. Dialect coach Andrew Jack (who trains foreign actors playing British characters in many Hollywood movies) demonstrates the range of accents in this clip:


That's an impressive feat of switching from one accent to another! And if you're interested in being able tp play a foreign accent yourself, actress Amy Walker has a collection of tips:


The US Census makes a number of its databases available to developers via the Census API. One of those databases is the International Data Base, in which the Census department provides historic demographic breakdowns (population by age and sex) for many countries, along with projections through 2050.

New Zealand's Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment has just released the New Zealand Tourism Dashboard, an interactive application which allows NZ residents (and curious onlookers everywhere) to explore the economic impact of tourism in the far-flung nation. The dashboard is implemented using Shiny, and all of the graphics and analyses were created using the R language 

by Daniel Moore
Director of Applied Statistics Engineering, Console Development