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Think you know your Adabas from your Azurill? Then try the hilarious Pokemon or Big Data quiz by Tim Carry (and don't miss the captions)!

In case you missed them, here are some articles from December of particular interest to R users. 

A look back at accomplishments of the R Project and community in 2015.

Segmented regression with the "segmented" package, applied to long-distance running records.

You might have missed one significant bit of news tucked into yesterday's Microsoft R announcement: R is coming to Visual Studio:


In the nine months since Microsoft acquired Revolution Analytics, there have been a steady stream of updates to Revolution R Open and Revolution R Enterprise (not to mention integration of R with SQL Server, PowerBI, Azure and

If you've ever created a scatterplot with text labels using the text function in R, or the geom_text function in the ggplot2 package, you've probably found that the text labels can easily overlap, rendering some of them unreadable.

Regular readers of this blog know of my fondness for Daft Punk's already-classic Get Lucky, so this video of the song as played by 10 famous guitarists was an instant win for me. Hope you enjoy it too.


That's all from us this week. See you back here on Monday!

The scientific process has been going through a welcome period of introspection recently, with a focus on understanding just how reliable the results of scientific studies are.