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In case you missed them, here are some articles from October of particular interest to R users:

A recap of the Strata Hadoop World conference, including presentations from Monsanto and eHarmony on their use of R.

Because video games happen in a virtual world, it's possible to measure just about every aspect of the game. It's kind of like being able to observe a sports match or a battle, but being able to attach a telemetry sensor to every player, every weapon and bullet, every surface of the environment, and gather all that data in real time.

A recent article by Matt Asay claims that "Python is displacing R as the language for data science". Python has certainly made some great strides in recent years, evolving beyond a data processing tool (an area where Python excels) to a data analysis tool.

I had the pleasure of visiting technology guru Robert Scoble at Rackspace Labs a few weeks ago. We had a great conversation about the Big Data revolution, and how large enterprises are catching up with the likes of Google and Facebook when it comes to using their data stores to improve their operations and provide a personalized experience for their customers.

by Joseph Rickert

R user groups are thriving. By our count of events listed on Revolution Analytics' Community Calendar, there were about 441 face-to-face R meetups worldwide in 2013; up 41% from 312 in 2012. The plot below indicates what the activity looks like on a monthly basis.

In a live webinar today hosted by Alteryx, five industry experts shared 14 analytics predictions for 2014. The panel included Paul Ross (Alteryx), Charles Zedlewski (Cloudera), Rick Schultz (Alteryx), Ellie Fields (Tableau) and Michele Chambers (Revolution Analytics). Their predictions were:

R can do a lot of really amazing things, but to use just about any of R's many features you need to first import your data and get it into the appropriate shape. For R beginners, this "data wrangling" task can be daunting.

While most of us here in the US were enjoying the Thanksgiving Day holiday, 100 million miles away the comet ISON was rounding the sun on its first trip through the solar system. But would it also be its last?

Wondering what's in store for predictive analytics in 2014? Then don't miss the live webinar on Tuesday December 3, 14 for 14: Analytics Predictions for 2014. The webinar will feature speakers from Tableau, Cloudera, Revolution Analytics and Cloudera sharing their predictions for the coming year. The webinar is presented by Alteryx, and you can register at the link below.