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Regular readers of this blog know of my fondness for Daft Punk's already-classic Get Lucky, so this video of the song as played by 10 famous guitarists was an instant win for me. Hope you enjoy it too.


That's all from us this week. See you back here on Monday!

The scientific process has been going through a welcome period of introspection recently, with a focus on understanding just how reliable the results of scientific studies are.

If you want to get started doing data science with R in the cloud, a good place to start is Stephen Elston's free O'Reilly report, Data Science in the Cloud with Azure ML and R. But if you learn better with a show-and-tell approach, he now also has an O'Reilly Video Training course, Data Science with Microsoft Azure and R.

By Virgilio Gómez Rubio, Spanish R Users Organizing Committee

As every autumn since 2009, Spanish R users gathered at their annual meeting. It is organised by Spanish R users group ‘Comunidad R-Hispano’and took place in 5-6 November in the historic city of Salamanca. The 7th Meeting of Spanish R Users attracted more than 100 R entusiasts and provided a mix of tutorials and contributed talks within the quarters of the University of Salamanca.

One of the themes of the Christmas movie classic Love Actually is the interconnections between people of different communities and cultures, from the Prime Minister of the UK to a young student in London. StackOverflow's David Robinson brings these connections to life by visualizing the network diagram of 20 characters in the movie, based on scenes in which they appear together:

Happy New Year everyone! It's hard to believe that this blog has now been going since 2008: our anniversary was on December 9. Thanks to everyone who has supported this blog over the past 7 years by reading, sharing and commenting on our posts, and an extra special thanks to my co-bloggers Joe Rickert and Andrie de Vries and all the guest bloggers from Microsoft and elsewhere that have contributed this year.

It's been a banner year for the R project in 2015, with frequent new releases, ever-growing popularity, a flourishing ecosystem, and accolades from both users and press. Here's a roundup of the big events for R from 2015. 

by Andrie de Vries

A week ago my high school friend, @XLRunner, sent me a link to the article "How Zach Bitter Ran 100 Miles in Less Than 12 Hours". Zach's effort was rewarded with the American record for the 100 mile event.

by Matt Parker, Data Scientist at Microsoft

One of the great advantages of R's openness is its extensibility. R's abundant
packages are the most conspicuous example of that extensibility, and
Revolution R Enterprise is a powerful example of how far it can stretch.