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In case you missed them, here are some articles from July of particular interest to R users:  

The deadline for our contest to visualize the location of R user groups has been extended to August 16.

Previews of R-related sessions at this year's JSM conference in Boston.

Using package repositories to
recreate the past, distribute the present, and protect against the future

by Gabriel Becker (@groundwalkergmb)
Bioinformatics and Computational Biology
Genentech Research and Early Development

I'm here at the JSM conference in Boston, the latest annual gathering of 6000+ statisticians from North America and around the world.

Here's a new perspective on a fireworks display:


Many thanks to everyone who attended Tuesday's webinar, Applications in R - Success and Lessons Learned from the Marketplace. We had a great turnout and a very lively Q&A session.

David Smith's picture
July 30, 2014

R is a very powerful language for creating custom data visualizations, but during the development process sometimes you make a mistake and things go horribly wrong. But sometime serendipity intervenes, and the (unintended) result can be quite beautiful. Accidental aRt, if you will.

by Andrie de Vries

In my previous post I wrote about how to identify and visualize package dependencies.  Within hours, Duncan Murdoch (member of R-core) identified some discrepancies between my list of dependencies and the visualisation.  Since then, I fixed the dispecrancies. In this blog post I attempt to clarify the issues involved in listing package dependencies.