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Bay Area engineer Vineet Abraham recently ran some benchmarks for Revolution R Open (RRO) running on Mac OS X and on Ubuntu. Thanks to the multi-threaded processing capabilites of RRO, several operations ran much faster than R downloaded from CRAN, without having to change any code:

Build 2015, the Microsoft conference which brings around 5,000 developers to the Moscone Center in San Francisco, begins tomorrow. The conference is sold out, but you can livestream the keynote presentations from to catch all the big announcements. You can also follow along on Twitter at the #Build2015 hashtag.

by Mark Malter

After reading the book, Analyzing Baseball with R, by Max Marchi and Jim Albert, I decided to expand on some of their ideas relating to runs created and put them into an R shiny app .


The Server and UI code are linked at the bottom of the Introduction tab.

One of the great things about R is that there's so much available to use with it: there are several interfaces to choose from, thousands of add-on packages to extend its capabilites, hundreds of books and on-line tutorials — an abundance of riches to improve your R experience. But with that abundance comes a problem: how to find the best add-ons to R.

While movies have been getting more orange with time, painting have been going the other direction. Paintings today are generally more blue than they were a few hundred years ago.

Are you a talented software engineer who would like to build out the R ecosystem and help more companies access the power of R? Microsoft (Revolution Analytics' parent) is hiring a new team to do just that:

Our mission is to empower enterprises to easily and cost-effectively build high-scale analytics solutions leveraging R.

The FT Data section of the Financial Times now has a neat interactive unemployment tracker (free but onerous registration required) that lets you explore employment rates and trends in EU member countries from 2004-2013:

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April 17, 2015

The R Core Team announced yesterday that the latest update to R, R 3.2.0 (codename: "Full of Ingredients") is now available. As of this writing the source bundle is available for download, but Mac and Windows binaries aren't yet available. You should be able to download them from your local CRAN mirror in the next day or so.