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by Joseph Rickert

R user group activity is still on the rise. The following plot of the number of R user group meetings listed on Revolution Analytics' Community Calendar over the most recent 114 weeks shows a slight 

to upward trend along with a couple of annual cycles. Predictably, meetings trail off in the summer months and again late in the year during the holiday season.

Given all the attention the internet has given to the colors of this dress, I thought it would be interesting to look at the capabilities for extracting colors in R.

Computerworld's Sharon Machlis has done a great service for the R community — and R especially novices — by creating the on-line Beginner's Guide to R. You can read our overview of her guide from 2013 here, but it'

The internet is agog over this picture of a dress, which appears white and gold to some, and blue and black to others:

In 1998 John M. Chambers (now a member of R-core) won the ACM Software System Award for the S Language, which (in the words of the committee) "forever altered how people analyze, visualize, and manipulate data".

It was a pleasure to appear live on theCUBE last week while attending the Strata conference.

by Andrie de Vries

R has strong support for parallel programming, both in base R and additional CRAN packages.

For example, we have previously written about foreach and parallel programming in the articles Tutorial: Parallel programming with foreach and Intro to Parallel Random Number Generation with RevoScaleR.

I spent last week at the Strata 2015 Conference in San José, California. As always, Strata made for a wonderful conference to catch up on the latest developments on big data and data science, and to connect with colleagues and friends old and new. Having been to every Strata conference since the first in XXXX, it's been interesting to see the focus change over the years.