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Are you one of those people obsessed by typefaces? I am, and one of my bugbears is bad kerning. (Follow that link for many infuriating examples of keming.) But kerning isn't as easy as it looks, as the Kerntype game will prove to you.

Harvard University is offering a free 5-week on-line course on Statistics and R for the Life Sciences on the edX platform. The course promises you will learn the basics of statistical inference and the basics of using R scripts to conduct reproducible research. You'll just need a backround in basic math and programming to follow along and complete homework in the R language.

It's been more than four years since I wrote the white paper R is Hot with the goal of introducing R to companies who need modern and flexible data analysis software. It's still the most-downloaded whitepaper on the Revolution Analytics website.

by Nick Elprin
Co-Founder Domino Data Lab

"R Notebooks" use the IPython Notebook UI to run R (rather than Python) in notebook cells, giving you an interactive R environment hosted on scalable servers, accessible through a web browser. This post describes how and why we built our "R Notebooks" feature.

The team at RStudio have just released an update to the immensely useful dplyr package, making it even more powerful for manipulating data frame data in R. The new 0.4.0 version adds new "verbs" to the syntax for mutating joins (left join, right join, etc.), filtering joins, and set operations (intersection and union).

This orchestral-dance-opera 'honouring' Shia Lebouf has to be seen to be believed:


Bioconductor is a project to develop and curate a collection of R packages used for analysis of genetic data (specifically, analysis and comprehension of high-throughput genomic data). With the wealth of genetic data on humans and animals now available, Bioconductor is widely used in medical research to understand how genes influence our health, and to develop new therapies and drugs.

In case you missed them, here are some articles from November of particular interest to R users.

R was featured in recent articles in Nature News and Mashable.

A recap of the 6th Spanish R Users Conference.