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by Seth Mottaghinejad

Let's review the Collatz conjecture, which says that given a positive integer n, the following recursive algorithm will always terminate:

If you've ever needed to create a document — Word, PDF, HTML or even slides — that combines text with R output, graphics or code, you should check out R Markdown (from the good folks at RStudio). From just one file, you can easily create output like this (from the Tufte Handout template):

In case you missed them, here are some articles from August of particular interest to R users:  

R is the most popular software in the KDNuggets poll for the 4th year running.

No doubt you've heard about the "Ice Bucket Challenge" to support research into ALS. And no wonder: the meme spread like wildfire, and soon filled our Facebook feeds and Twitter timelines. You can see the spread in the graphic below, showing the locations of tweets tagged #IceBucketChallenge in early August. Check out the sudden explosion of activity around August 19:

As more companies explore the benefits that Hadoop may provide, the opportunities to better understand the technology are myriad and unequal. As a provider of in-Hadoop analytics, Revolution Analytics is participating in the coming Hortonworks seminar series. We will be on site to discuss how to deploy R-based analytics within Hadoop clusters using Revolution R Enterprise. The seminar series itself will host a number of different speakers to provide the attendees with the chance to:

by Don Boyd, Senior Fellow, Rockefeller Institute of Government

The Rockefeller Institute of Government is excited to be developing models to simulate the finances of public pension funds, using R.

One of the most memorable dance moves from the past few years starts at around 4:15 in the music below:


The performers are the Japanese band World Order. If you like the music and moves you can find plenty of their other videos on YouTube, but this is their best-known song.

That's all for this week! Monday is a holiday here in the States, so we'll be back on Tuesday. Have a great (long, for our US readers) weekend!

by Joseph Rickert

In the first half of 2014, worldwide R user group activity continued to increase, showing impressive growth over the same periods for the past couple of years.  For the last four months, the pace has been over 50 meetings per month.