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As with any adaptation, the makers of the TV Series Game of Thrones have had to make certain accomodations as they bring George RR Martin's series to the screen. Necessarily, story lines are compressed, minor characters are merged onto one, and events are reordered in the interests of narrative flow and on-screen drama. I doubt they anticipated, though, how small changes at the beginning of the series begain to compound over time.

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When it comes to speeding up "embarassingly parallel" computations (like for loops with many iterations), the R language offers a number of options:

If you have an iPhone, you've probably noticed the new(ish) autocomplete feature: when entering text, iOS8 gives you three choices for a possible next word in the sentence. (And yes, if you have an Android phone you've had this feature for like, ever.) If you keep on pressing the middle button you'll get a sentence that is syntactically correct but largely content-free.

If you download R or Revolution R Open, the R interface is pretty stark — you'll get a command prompt, and not much else. That's fine for quick, interactive calculations, but if you need to do any serious scripting or programming in R, you'll need an interactive development environment (IDE) to be productive.

R is the leading choice for Predictive Analytics / Data Mining / Data Science software according to the results of the 2015 KDnuggets Software Poll, now in its 16th year. Each of the 28,000 participants selected one or more tools they had used in the last year from a list of 93 options, and R was selected by 46.9% of participants (up from 38.5% in 2015).