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by Joseph Rickert

Packages continue to flood into CRAN at a rate the challenges the sanity of anyone trying to keep up with what's new. So far this month, more than 190 packages have been added. Here is a my view of what's interesting in this March madness.

by Andrie de Vries

Earlier today Microsoft announced that Jupyter Notebooks are now available with the R Kernel as a service in Azure Machine Learning (ML) Studio.

I wrote about Jupyter Notebooks in September 2015 (Using R with Jupyter Notebooks), where I noted some of the great benefits of using notebooks:

by Bob Horton, Senior Data Scientist, Microsoft

This is a follow-up to my earlier post on learning curves. A learning curve is a plot of predictive error for training and validation sets over a range of training set sizes. Here we’re using simulated data to explore some fundamental relationships between training set size, model complexity, and prediction error.

Start by simulating a dataset:

David Smith's picture
March 25, 2016

I love typography, and I love sci-fi, and I'm probably not alone in that combination of interests.

If you're new to the concept of predictive models, or just want to review the background on how data scientists learn from past data to predict the future, you may be interested in my talk from the Data Insights Summit, Introduction to Real-Time Predictive Modeling.


by Joseph Rickert

Last year, I wrote the New York R Conference “set the bar pretty darn high for a first time conference”. Not only was there an outstanding lineup of speakers, but the energy and enthusiasm that conference attendees brought with them, or maybe just generated on the spot, was remarkable.

Five months ago, the R Consortium asked the R Community to propose projects to benefit R users and the R project. Today, the R Consortium announced that it has awarded grants to fund seven of those projects.

This video's been around a couple of years, but until this week (thanks to Mike Olson) I'd never seen anyone solve three Rubiks cubes while juggling them and wearing a GoPro:


That's all from us at the blog for this week. See you back here next on Monday (and if you're in the Seattle area, maybe I'll see you in person at the R User Group meeting). Have a great weekend!