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In case you missed them, here are some articles from January of particular interest to R users.

Slides on reproducible data analysis with Revolution R Open and the checkpoint package. 

Ever wondered why rivers take such meandering paths on their way to the sea? Minute Earth explains in this short video:


Sentiment analysis has been widely used to infer the mood of customers in emails, tweets and other short communications. The base assumption is that the sentiment is a fixed value: the email is either angry or happy; positive or negative.

Hadley Wickham's testthat package has been a boon for R package authors, making it easy to write tests to verify that your code is working directly, and alerting you when you make changes to your code that inadvertently breaks things. 

by Siddarth Ramesh
R Programmer, Revolution Analytics

The following image by Mathieu Rajerison has been doing the rounds of French media recently. It shows the streets of Paris, color-coded by their compass direction.

Secret sharing time (no, not this one): my first trip to the United States was to play pinball. I'd played a lot of pinball in my youth and I thought I was pretty good. So I booked a flight to Chicago in the mid-90's (I can't remember exactly when) to compete in the PAPA World Championships ... and promptly got my clock cleaned.

Thanks to everyone at the Chicago R User Group for giving me such a warm welcome for my presentation last night. In my talk, I gave an introduction to Revolution R Open, with a focus on how the checkpoint package makes sharing R code in a reproducible way easy: