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In case you missed them, here are some articles from October of particular interest to R users.

R hits a new milestone with 6,000 CRAN packages, and R 3.1.2 released. 

by Matt Sundquist
Plotly, co-founder

Plotly is a platform for data analysis, graphing, and collaboration. You can use ggplot2, Plotly's R API, and Plotly's web app to make and share interactive plots. Now, you can you can also make 3D plots. Immediately below are a few examples of 3D plots.  In this post we will show how to make 3D plots with ggplot2 and Plotly's R API.


We recently shared some benchmarks for Revolution R Open on the Windows platform, which showed significant improvements compared to R downloaded from CRAN. Those performance gains mainly come from multi-threading: Revolution R Open is linked to the Intel Math Kernel Library, which uses all available cores (rather than just one core) to compute matrix and vector operations in parallel.

by Bill Jacobs

Revolution R Enterprise is the industry's first R-based analytics platform that supports a variety of parallel, grid and clustered systems such as Hadoop, Teradata database and Platform LSF Linux grids.

Last year, we enhanced Revolution R Enterprise (RRE) to support big data systems, with support for Hadoop.  We continued expansion of RRE in 2014, adding support for Teradata EDWs  in March, for Kerberos  in May, and for MapR Hadoop in June.

by Peggy Fan
Ph.D. Candidate at Stanford's Graduate School of Education

The key to making data science successful is making sure you can deploy the machine learning code that data scientists create into applications that rely on the results of the analysis. Microsoft has tackled this problem with Azure ML: machine learning in the cloud. This short video neatly summarizes the process of deploying R code to the cloud in the system:


This isn't the kind of thing you'd want to see coming at you in a dark alley on any night, let alone Hallowe'en:


You can check our more videos from Polish prankster SA Wardega on Youtube. If you stay to the end of the video you'll see that the dog-spider is quite cute! Or, if you want some canine cuteness immediately there's always this (with thanks to reader MB):


That's all for this week! Enjoy your weekend, and we'll be back on Monday.