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If you're in San Francisco for this week's DeveloperWeek conference, our own Joe Rickert will also giving a presentation on Wednesday at 2:10PM on Predictive Modeling with Big Data in R which will feature several demos of data mining massive data sets using the Revolution R Enterprise.

Arc diagrams are an alternate way of representing two-dimensional graphs. Rather than scattering the nodes across the page connected by straight edges, you can instead arrange the nodes along a one-dimensional axis, and replace the straight edges with arcs between the nodes. While an arc diagram might not give as good a sense of the connections between the nodes as a traditional graph layout, judicious ordering of the nodes can help identify clusters.

I used to think I was pretty good at geography. So I thought this Mercator Puzzle, where you just have to move 15 country outlines (out of place, but not rotated) to the actual country locations on the map would be pretty easy. It's not. (Via FlowingData.)

In a recent talk to the DC R User Group, Anthony Damico presented the following handy flowchart for learning to do survey analysis with R (actually, it's a pretty good flowchart for learning R for any application):

Since they're not clickable above, here are the resource links:

Since 2007, Rexer Analytics has been conducting periodic surveys to measure the analytic behaviors, views and preferences of data miners and analytic professionals. In the last survey, conducted in 2011, more than 1300 analysts shared information about the data analysis software packages they use.

The tagline for O'Reilly Strata conference series — Making Data Work — has meant that it's always been popular with practitioners, primarily data scientists working with Big Data in real-world environments. Recent Strata events have also attracted more business-oriented attendees, with events focused more on processes and outcomes than on the implementation details. 

If the scores are tied in this weekend's Super Bowl and the game rests on the outcome of a field goal attempt, the chart below will tell you the chances of the goal being made. All you need to know is the distance of the kick:

This version of R.E.M.'s 1991 hit Losing my Religion has been digitally reworked so that the music and lyrics are in a major scale instead of the usual minor scale:

If you weren't one of the almost 2000 people who signed up for yesterday's webinar "Using R with Hadoop", the replay and slides are now available. During the webinar, Jeffrey Breen (Principal at Think Big Academy) talked about extracting analytics from data in Hadoop and covered: