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In case you missed yesterday's webinar, the slides and replay are now available for Introducing Revolution R Enterprise 7: The Big Data Big Analytics Platform. I've embedded the slides below — if you're already familiar with Revolution R Enterprise the new features start at Slide 21.

Want to find out the favourite topics (as measured by their preferred hashtags) for any Twitter user? It's easy to do, thanks to this R language program by Mark T Patterson. Here are the top 20 results for Barack Obama, based on his most recent 3200 tweets (notice that #immigration has jumped to #2 on the list since Mark ran his analysis yesterday).

We're back from NYC after a very busy Strata + Hadoop World 2013 conference. Many thanks to all the friendly folks who dropped by the Revolution Analytics booth, attended Joe and Antonio's R and Hadoop tutorial, or simply came up to say hello during the event.

Here's another entry in what's become an ongoing series of awesome air safety videos. Virgin America has just started using this flight safety video on its planes. The call it the Virgin America Safety Dance: 


Revolution R Enterprise 7 is a major update to Revolution Analytics' flagship predictive analytics software.

You know Hadley Wickham as the inventor of the ggplot2 visualization phenomenon, the creator of time-saving R packages like plyr and lubridate, and the Chief Scientist at RStudio.

I'm in New York City for the Strata + Hadoop World conference, and last night I got the chance to stop by theCUBE for an live interview about Revolution R Enterprise 7. You can watch the full interview below, or click the links on the topics to skip ahead.

We're very excited to formally announce that Revolution R Enterprise 7 is here! This release includes the latest release of Open Source R (R 3.0.2).

Kids these days have it easy. In my day, you had to walk in the snow uphill both ways just to see a grainy VHS copy of E.T. the Extra Terrestrial, but now it's just a tap o' the iPad away. But seriously, this video is sweet and sentimental and brings back some good memories of a time before streaming:


Have a great weekend! We'll be back on Monday!