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Looking for a fun and useful intro to R for first-timers, with bonus cat pictures? Look no further than R for Cats, from Scott Chamberlain of ROpenSci. In addition to very helpful tips on R syntax, data structures, and an excellent list of dos and don'ts, it also shows you how to do this with R: 

In case you missed them, here are some articles from April of particular interest to R users:  

Registration is now open for the useR! 2014 R conference in Los Angeles. 

In a new article for FastCoLabs, journalist Tina Amirtha has published a follow-up article to last month's piece on R's impact on open science. In her latest article, the focus is on how R is used at companies and displacing legacy statistics software like SAS:

by Seth Mottaghinejad, Analytic Consultant for Revolution Analytics

For more than 7 years, Revolution Analytics has provided expert technical support to users of the R language, as part of their annual subscription to Revolution R Enterprise (RRE). Now, all users of open source R can get the same expert technical support with our new AdviseR program, for just $795 per year.

What happens when you jury-rig a washing machine to keep running even if the door is open, set it to high spin, and throw in a few kilos of scrap metal? Watch and see (some mildly NSFW language):


I'll say it again: the 2048 game is horribly addictive. Luckily for my productivity, though, I've been playing a lot less of it since I finally managed to complete the game's main goal: combine and double-up like-numbered tiles until you create the ultimate 2048 tile:

Join hundreds of other R users from around the world at the annual worldwide R user conference useR! 2014, to be held June 30 - July 3 at the UCLA campus in Los Angeles.

Registration is now open for attendees. Advance registration for the conference is just $375 — and even less for academics ($250) and students ($125). Register by May 10 to get the best rates.