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Rexer Analytics has been conducting regular polls of data miners and analytics professionals on their software choices since 2007, and the results of the 2013 Rexer Analytics Data Miner Survey were presented at last month's Predictive Analytics World conference in Boston.

You already know that R is an amazingly powerful language for data analysis, but what if you're not a programmer? Or, what if you want to make the data manipulations, visualizations or statistical models you've developed in R available to business analysts, marketers, managers or other non-programming types?

You've probably heard about the political trainwreck we're going through here in the US. There are many causes for what's going on, but a lot of the blame goes to the extreme polarization in US politics today. As Nate Silver notes, the degree of polarization in the Congress is higher than at any point in the 80 years.

In case you missed them, here are some articles from September of particular interest to R users:

Todd Schneider wrote an algorithm in R to find the "most concave" US state (it's NY), and created an animation to show how it works.

We're thrilled to have John Wallace and Tess Nesbitt from DataSong join our Fall webinar series tomorrow, with a great presentation on time to event models.

Tableau, the popular interactive data visualization tool, is coming out with a new 8.1 update, and it will include integration with the R language.

As just about every statistics student can attest, Simpson's Paradox — a statistical phenomenon where an apparent trend is reversed when you look at subgroups — is notoriously hard to explain. You can look at examples — say, the fact that US wages are rising overall, but dropping within every educational group — but that don't really help to explain the paradox. 

As one of those people who always watches attentively before takeoff, I appreciate it when airlines take the time to make a good airline safety video. (Thank you, Virgin America, Delta, and Air New Zealand.) This one isn't real, it sure is funny (via Andrew Sullivan):


Have a great weekend -- we'll be back on Monday.