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At the Journey to ROI event hosted by Accenture Analytics in San Francisco last week, four analytics executives held a panel discussion on how organizations can derive ROI from their analytics operations. On the panel was:

  • Brian McCarthy, Managing Director, Innovation, Accenture Analytics
  • Kevin Leighton, VP Partner Transformation Operations, HP
  • Simon Arkell, CEO Predixion Software
  • Dave Rich, CEO Revolution Analytics

You can watch the recording of the discussion below:


If you haven't already registered, don't miss tomorrow's webinar presented by Cloudera's Director of Product Strategy, Jairam Ranganathan and Michele Chambers, Chief Strategy Officer at Revolution Analytics.

If you missed last week's webinar with John Kreisa from Hortonworks (hosted by Data Science Central), we described how R fits into the Modern Data Architecture.

If you were to hop into your personal aircraft, and plotted a straight line course taking off in one state and landing in the SAME state, how many other states might you fly over? On other words, what's the best state for "flyovers" of other states? Todd Schnieder from the Rapgenius engineering team answered that question using the R language.

If you live in a big city, you'll know that there's a heartbeat to life there: from the early morning commuters, do the workaday life in the central business district, to Happy Hour, to restaurants, to late-night drinks, to the true night owls that prowl the street late at night. FourSquare have done an impressive job of capturing the pulse of that heartbeat, with these data visualizations of check-ins over a 24-hour period.

Statistical forecasting is a critical component of every modern business, and Rob J Hyndman, Professor of Statistics at Monash University, is an expert in the field. He's the co-author of several books on forecasting, including Forecasting: Principles and Practice, a free on-line book that provides a comprehensive introduction to forecasting methods.

The latest update to the open source R project, R 3.0.2, is now available. This incremental update, codenamed "Frisbee Sailing", mainly fixes some minor bugs, improves the organization of the distribution, improves performance in some areas, and adds a few small features (see the NEWS file for a complete list).

Data Scientist Jeroen Janssens recently published a useful list of 7 data science tools that you can use from the command line. This doesn't just mean they're convenient tools for command-line junkies: it also means you can easily chain them together with data sources for offline, automated processes.