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Today, Singapore is an Asian hub for computing infrastructure and a leader in Big Data development. So we're proud to announce in conjunction with Dell and Intel the launch of a new Big Data Innovation center located at the Dell Solution Center in Singapore.

If you're thinking about starting a project (for example, a report or paper) using the R language for analysis, the Nice R code blog has some great advice. Following the principles of reproducible research, Macquarie University postdocs Rich FitzJohn and Daniel Falster suggest:

What happens when you plot billions of geotagged Tweets on a map? You can see the arteries of the world. Here's Europe:

by Joseph Rickert

In a post last week, I offered some first impressions about R/Finance 2013. Apparently, I was way off in estimating that 30% of the attendees were academics. The R/Finance organizers were quick to point out that percentage of academics attending the conference has been a constant 10% over the years; and this year was no different. Why is this important?

Today I learned about two forthcoming R books that I'm now looking forward to.

A recent quora post asked an interesting question: What interesting companies, open source projects are using R in 2013? Since we've been tracking applications of R here on the blog for a while now, I listed just some of the most recent examples:

Been trying to reach the website for the useR! 2013, the R user conference that will be held July 10-12 2013 at University of Castilla-La Mancha in Spain? There have been some server problems recently, but you can now get access at the official URL,

I'm loving the Game of Thrones series, but not having read the books it has been a bit difficult keeping up with all the various families, houses and their entanglements.

The Enron email dataset, collected during the FERC investigation of the Enron financial scandal, represents the largest publicly available set of emails. This makes theman ideal testbed for sentiment analysis algorithms.