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I really love this series of retro-futuristic paintings from Swedish artist Simon Stålenhag. Digitally painted with a tablet and pen, he imagines Scandinavian landscapes where 80s-era vehicles co-exist with futuristic walkers, hovering farm equipment and derelict structures of strange purpose. This one is my favourite:

Over at the Hortonworks blog, I've shared some resources for getting started with Data Science and R. And if you'd like to learn more about how Hadoop and R fit into the modern data artchitecture, I'll be participating in a joint webinar with Hortonworks' John Kreisa. If you'd like to join, register at the link below.

To mark Talk Like a Pirate Day, Bob Rudis uses R to animate a map of the cumulative real-world pirate attacks since 1978:

Looks like the Carribean and the West Indes, traditional pirate haunts, are still active. But the real hot-spot in modern times is Africa. Find the R code behind the animation at the blog post linked below.

by Derek McCrae Norton, Senior Sales Engineer

To celebrate Talk Like a Pirate Day the best (and by far the nerdiest) way I know how, I thought I would share some R code I wrote a few years back. Some of you will really appreciate the code (but you probably won't let anyone know), and hopefully others will at least appreciate the output.

Arrr, Mateys! Today be "Talk Like a Pirate Day", t' unofficial day o' R users everywhere. (Rrrrr!) T' celebrate this swashbucklin' day, Revolution Analytics has a bunch o' pirate bandanas, eaypatches and "I love R" T-shirts t' give away t' t' best pirate pictures posted t' t' #RPirate2013 hashtag on Twitter.

Today, Teradata announced the new Teradata Database 14.10 and with it some exciting news for R programmers: the first next-generation in-database R analytics that are fully parallel and scalable.

The most recent edition of the Revolution Newsletter is now available. In case you missed it, the news section is below, and you can read the full September edition (with highlights from this blog and community events) online.

Datanami interviews Revolution Analytics' Bill Jacobs about the upcoming Revolution R Enterprise 7, which will be available later this year. A key feature of this release is that that the big-data predictive analytics R functions in the ScaleR package will run on data situated in a Hadoop cluster, and use the parallel computational power of the Hadoop nodes for the work:

Here's some amazing new software ... that might also make you distrust every "real" photo you see from now on:


Here's a paper about geosemantic snapping if you want to learn more about how this wizardry happens.

That's all for this week! Don't forget you can find previous Because it's Friday posts here, and have a great weekend!