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A quick note that I'll be giving my take on the question, "What is a Data Science" along with Carla Gentry (Analytical Solutions, @data_nerd on Twitter) and Gregory Piatetsky (KDNuggets, @kdnuggets on Twitter) in a free webinar this Tuesday, May 14.

If you missed last week's webinar, product manager Thomas Dinsmore shared details of the new features in Revolution R Enterprise 6.2 in the video below:


You can also download slides of the presentation at the link below.

Revolution Analytics webinars: What's New in Revolution R Enterprise 6.2

In my presentation to the Strata Santa Clara 2013 conference earlier this year, my goal was to give a succinct (under 20 minutes!) explanation of three terms that are two often used as mere buzzwords: predictive analytics, real time, and big data.


Craigslist, the popular bulletin-board service, has long had a "missed connections" personals section. This is the place were lovestruck singles (or at least, the situationally single) can reach out to the unidentified partner of their dreams, armed only with a description of their fleeting encounter and the hope that the object of their affections is also looking on Craigslist for their missed connection.

Last week, the New York Times published online an interactive tool to explore NFL draft picks, revealing the fact that there's not much relationship between an early pick and the star performers in the season: