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I'm at the Strata 2012 conference in Santa Clara today and tomorrow (Revolution Analytics is a sponsor and giving talks). Wifi service looks pretty good so far, so I'll blog when I can.

As explained in detail by Michele Chambers at the IBM Netezza blog, there are two keys to getting fast performance with statistical analysis on massive data sets with R:

The past couple of years have seen a dramatic growth in the use of the R language in the enterprise. R has always been pervasive in academia for research and teaching in statistics and data science, and as new graduates trained in R have migrated to the workplace the demand for R in corporations has become more and more intense. 

Revolution Analytics' open-source RHadoop project, which provides integration between R and Hadoop, has been updated with the release of version 1.2 of the "rmr" package.

One of my favourite conferences, Strata: Making Data Work, starts tomorrow in Santa Clara, CA. Revolution Analytics is a proud sponsor, and I'll be there with the team to listen to some great talks and to meet other R users at our booth in the exhibition hall.

Ever been frustrated by a paper map that, once unfolded, is impossible to figure out how to refold? The solution is the Miura-Ori sheet, which unfolds easily and naturally re-folds itself into a compact form:

Spanish R user and solar energy lecturer Oscar Perpiñán Lamigueiro has written a detailed three-part guide to creating beautiful maps and choropleths (maps color-coded with regional data) using the R language. Motivated by the desire to recreate this graphic from the New York Times, Oscar describes how he creates similar high-quality maps using R.

The R-chart blog explains how to read a weblog file into R, so you can analyze traffic to a website. For example, here's a page request chart created with R:

If you missed this morning's webinar, Revolution R Enterprise, 100% R and More, I've embedded the slides below. Interestingly, about half of today's participants were SAS users, and the remainder R users. The first section introduces open-source R, and the second describes the additional features of Revolution R Enterprise.

If you haven't yet had a chance to catch my regularly-scheduled webinar, "Revolution R Enterprise - 100% R and More", it's a quick 30-minute introduction to the R language and the added features of Revolution R Enterprise. It's also a chance to ask me any questions you might have about R or Revolution Analytics during the live broadcast (starts at 11AM Pacific time). Details and registration info at the link below.