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A quick heads-up that I'll be hosting a live webinar this Wednesday (June 20) with my colleage Sue Ranney on the new Revolution R Enterprise 6.

What would you get if you crossed Ron Moore's Battlestar Galactica, an SNES-era Japanese role-playing game, and Pokemon? College Humor imagines what it would be like in the hilarious video embedded below.

Last week, Joe Rickert used R and four years of US Census data to create an image plot of the relative probabilities of being born on a given day of the year:

The most recent edition of the Revolution Newsletter is out. The news section is below, and you can read the full June edition (with highlights from this blog and community events) online. You can subscribe to the Revolution Newsletter to get it monthly via email.

In case you missed them, here are some articles from May of particular interest to R users.

R tops the annual KDNuggets Data Mining Software poll for the first time.

R, Hadoop and SQL are the focus of the cover story in the May 2012 issue of ComputerWorld Canada:

We're definitely in the age of Big Data: today, there are many more sources of data readily available to us to analyze than there were even a couple of years ago. But what about extracting useful information from novel data streams that are often noisy and minutely transactional ... aye, there's the rub.  

Alex Eylar is an artist from Oakland, California who recreates classic scenes from movies using Lego. (You can find his work here and on flickr.) For a Friday afternoon puzzle, here are 10 of his movie scenes -- can you identify them all? Answers at the end, after the break.


Earlier this week, Revolution Analytics' Joe Rickert gave a webinar Introduction to R for Data Mining. You can watch the replay below: