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This coming Tuesday, August 27, our US Chief Scientist Mario Inchosa will reveal some details of the forthcoming in-Hadoop predictive analytics capabilities of Revolution R Enterprise 7, due for release later this year. Here's the abtract of his webinar, High Performance Predictive Analytics in R and Hadoop:

Earlier this month, we looked at the trends in the job prospects for data analysts with expertise in R and SAS, by looking at the number of job postings that mention each software package. Because R's single-letter name makes it hard to search for, and because SAS is used for many other things besides data analysis, I coupled the search with the term "statistics".

With the FMS Symphony by csv soundsystem you can listen to the Global Financial Crisis as you watch interest rates plunge while the Treasury floods the market with emergency funds. 

The most recent edition of the Revolution Newsletter is now available. In case you missed it, the news section is below, and you can read the full August edition (with highlights from this blog and community events) online.

Whenever I see those exercise equipment commercials on TV, I'm always suspicious of the before-and-after models that show the amazing results you'll get from working out "for just 15 minutes a day!!!". They're obviously professional athletes, for one thing. But the cynic in me always wonders if the after shot is some professional marathonner or bodybuilder in his prime, and the before shot is the same guy then kept in a darkened room for two months on a strict diet of burgers and fries.

If, like me, you've ever had a sandwich from a dubious deli and then been laid up for days afterwards, you know that food poisoning is no trifling matter. In the past, local authorities would only ever learn of such public health issues if they get reported to the authorities by the victim (or the victim's doctor). But that misses the many cases of less serious illnesses that don't involve a doctor or hospital, or illnesses that simply aren't reported to the authorities.

Australian Rules Football (AFL) isn't what Americans know as football. Nor is it what Europeans know as football (and the rest of the world calls soccer). Nor is it rugby. Here's what AFL looks like:


Here's a new picture of the devastation wrought by Katrina in 2005. This image shows the maximum wind speeds of the hurricane, not at any particular point of time, but over the duration of the entire storm: