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In case you missed them, here are some articles from June of particular interest to R users:

You can create a Word document from a template and an R script with the R2DOCX package.

Joe Rickert reviews books and other resources for learning about time series analysis in R

Analyzing the Analyzers is a new short report by Harlan Harris, Sean Patrick Murphy and Marck Vaisman, documenting the results of a survey of 250 data scientists. In the report, they categorize data scientists into four archetypes: data businesspeople, data creatives, data developers and data researchers.

If you work in a corporate environment, then the Word document format is still pretty ubiquitous. Personally, I've switched to Google Docs for most of my own documents, but I still receive a couple of Words docs from others via email every day. And it's common request from clients of our Services team to generate documents in the Word format in a particular corporate template, but also including output (tables and figures) from R

The most recent edition of the Revolution Newsletter came out a couple of weeks ago. In case you missed it, the news section is below, and you can read the full June edition (with highlights from this blog and community events) online.

Teradata announced today a portfolio several new products and services incorporating Hadoop. The one that caught my eye was the Teradata Appliance for Hadoop: a new standalone server pre-installed with the Hortonworks HDP 1.3 Hadoop Distribution.

As R has evolved over the past 20 years its capabilities have improved in every area. The visual display of time series is no exception: as the folks from Timely Portfolio note that:

Through both quiet iteration and significant revolutions, the volunteers of R have made analyzing and charting time series pleasant. 

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