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Two significant R community milestones were achieved over the weekend.

Anyone who has dogs knows that they can get into a mighty amount of mischief. But I'd never have guessed all the different types of mischief that dogs can get into, until I came across the Dog Shaming website. Here you'll find pictures of guilty-looking dogs (and a few cats) with notes describing their nefarious deeds, like "I locked myself in the car. They had to call a locksmith", and "I hid meat in the couch". I'm glad our dogs aren't the only ones with shameful behaviour!

National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health study, published in March, found that professional American football (NFL) players lived longer, on average, than similar "mere mortals" in the general population.

A big thank-you to all the R users out there who voted for Revolution R Enterprise in DataWeek Awards.

If you're writing C++ code and want to generate random numbers, you might not be aware that R provides an API to call the R RNG functionality directly. The Rcpp package's "syntactic sugar" feature makes this process easier, by automating the process of translating a subset of ordinary R code into compiled C++ code.

People use the R language every day to create the elements of reports: tables, charts, analyses, and forecasts. But assembling all of that information into a print-ready document laid out with text can a hassle. You can cut-and-paste all of the elements into Word, but then what do you do when the data file gets updated at the last minute? (Answer: you have to re-run all the R code and go through the whole cut-and-paste process again.

Last week's meeting of the Chicago area Hadoop User Group (a joint meeting the Chicago R User Group, and sponsored by Revolution Analytics) focused on crunching Big Data with R and Hadoop. Jeffrey Breen, president of Atmosphere Research Group, frequently deals with large data sets in his airline consulting work, and R is his "go-to tool for anything data-rel

The successful landing of the Curiosity Rover on Mars last weekend was a genuinely thrilling event, and the excitement has spawned not just the well-deserved technical plaudits but the emergence of entire memes.

Earlier this year data scientist Ryan Rosario gave a talk on parellel computing with R to the Los Angeles R User Group, and he recently made the slides from the talk available online. They're a great resource for anyone looking to make use of multi-processor systems a Hadoop based architechure to speed computations with big data.

If you live in the US, you've probably visited a Williams Sonoma store for gourmet food or quality cookware for the kitchen. And if you've shopped at Pottery Barn or West Elm stores for furniture, those chains are part of the Williams Sonoma stable as well. All three brands have major online stores, all supported by a sophisticated marketing operation.