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Can R be used for real-time applications? Absolutely! The key is in setting up an technology stack that can support real-time interactions with models developed in R ... and a clear understanding of what "real-time" really means, and its implications in the context of Big Data.

Yihui Xie is the creator of several popular R packages, including knitr, animation and cranvas. In an interview with The Setup, he shares some of the software and hardware he uses in his data-to-day work, including (of course) R:

Hadley Wickham has written a comprehensive tutorial for the Rcpp package, which makes it easy to create C++ code embedded in R programs. Hadley explains why you might want to do this in the introduction:

Ajay Ohri, author of R for Business Analytics, was recently interviewed about using R instead of Excel for human resources management. Human Resources is an increasingly analytics-driven field, with predictive modeling now used to prioritize applicants for interview and to organize workspaces, to give just two examples. As Ajay points out, R gets over the limitations of spreadsheets:

In 1998, John Chambers won the ACM Software Systems award for the S language, which the ACM heralded as having "forever altered how people analyze, visualize, and manipulate data". The R language is "not unlike S", and John continues pushing the frontiers of statistical computing as a member of the R Core Group.

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November 22, 2012

We're taking a break today and tomorrow at the blog for the Thanksgiving holiday. (We'll be back to usual programming on Monday.) Wherever you are in the world, please enjoy the holiday and/or the weekend with your families. Happy Thanksgiving from everyone at Revolution Analytics.

A quick heads-up that I'll be presenting another brand-new webinar on Thursday next week (November 29). In Real-time Big Data Analytics: From Deployment to Production, I'll review the process of making predictive models work in real-live operational environments. I'll also tackle those ubiquitous buzz-words "real-time" and "big data", and the fact that they can mean very different things in different parts of the process. Here's the talk description:

I'm really looking forward to useR! 2013 (the international conference for R users), and not just because it's being held in Spain next year (July 10-12). The program is already coming together, with a great lineup of invited speakers, including R-core member Duncan Murdoch and prolific package authoR Hadley Wickham.

According to CNN Money. Video Game Designer, Social Media Manager and jobs in the green energy sector also made the list. The Harvard Business Review agrees: last month, they called 'Data Scientist' the "sexiest job of the 21st century".

Coursera's introductory "Statistics One" course uses R for the practical data analysus exercises. To support course participants, Princeton University grad student Laura Suttle created a series of web videos introducing the R interface.