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As R has evolved over the past 20 years its capabilities have improved in every area. The visual display of time series is no exception: as the folks from Timely Portfolio note that:

Through both quiet iteration and significant revolutions, the volunteers of R have made analyzing and charting time series pleasant. 

If you know a beer you like and want some recommendations for a style of beer to try, check out the yhat Beer Recommender:

What do you get when you combine two vocalists, two drumkits, two keyboards and a whole lotta love for Michael Jackson? This awesome Billie Jean cover:


(Thanks for the tip, Joe!) The harmonizing duo is Michael Henry & Justin Robinett and you can find more great covers at their site. Have a great weekend, we'll be back on Monday.

A recent Business Times article on Singapore's push to become a tech leader mentions Revolution Analytics new Center of Excellence, set up with the support of the Singapore government to train and grow a pool of data scientists and developers in data science. It includes this quote from SAP:

And in much of Statistics, the way of telling such stories is through maximum likelihood: given a multitude of possible stories (models), which story is most consistent with the data we actually saw? Dave Harris originates the lovely aphorism above in a useful primer on maximum likelihood estimation in R using the mle2 function.

American Century Investments is a top-20 mutual fund company with more than 125 billion dollars of assets under management. The quantitative investment group manages 22 funds, and takes an objective, systematic and disciplined approach to determine which stocks to buy and sell. Real-time data and carefully calibrated statistical models are the foundation of this quantitative approach.

During the recent Kalido webinar on data science, I was asked a number of questions about data science, which have since been published as a Kalido Expert View. Here's my take on the first question:

Q: In your opinion, what is a data scientist?

Sharon Machlis is not only the online managing editor at Computerworld, she's also a budding data scientist who recently started learning the R language. To the benefit of all other new R users, she's shared her learnings in an excellent 6-part beginners guide to R, published by Computerworld.

A movie is said to satisfy the Bechdel Test if it satisfies the following three criteria: