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The UK government proposes to use data and evidence as the basis for deciding which policy initiatives to implement, in this Cabinet Office paper.

In a poster (PDF) presented at the UseR 2012 conference, FDA biostatistician Jae Brodsky reiterated the FDA policy regarding software used to prepare submissions for drug approvals with clinical trials: Sponsors may use R in their submissions.

A quick heads-up that I'll be participating in a DM Radio podcast tomorrow (June 21) to talk about Data Science. You can listen in on the live podcast at 3PM EST (and I expect there'll be a recording available, too). Here's the description:

The eighth annual R user conference, UseR! 2012, has come and gone — and what an event it was! I've been to five useR! conferences so far, and each one improves upon the last. This year's conference at Vanderbilt was the best so far: an outstanding location (my first visit to Nashville, a great city), excellent facilities (the lecture rooms at Vanderbilt were perfect), great organization, and intereresting and relevant presentations from the speakers.

A quick heads-up that I'll be hosting a live webinar this Wednesday (June 20) with my colleage Sue Ranney on the new Revolution R Enterprise 6.

What would you get if you crossed Ron Moore's Battlestar Galactica, an SNES-era Japanese role-playing game, and Pokemon? College Humor imagines what it would be like in the hilarious video embedded below.

Last week, Joe Rickert used R and four years of US Census data to create an image plot of the relative probabilities of being born on a given day of the year:

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