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When I lived in Paris years ago, I worked near Gare du Nord, but my friend Jenny lived near République. If we wanted to meet up after work, we'd just meet halfway along the Orange Métro line, around Gare de l'Est. Easy. Since that's within walking distance we wouldn't actually take the Métro, but Métro stations are useful waypoints in Paris even if you're travelling by foot.

by Thomas Dinsmore

Last week, Revolution Analytics released the Limited Availability edition of Revolution R Enterprise Release 6.2.  Interest in this new release is high, and we're very pleased with user response. Over the next several weeks, I will share more detailed information about the capabilities included in this new release.

If you missed last week's broadcast of the webinar Revolution R Enterprise: 100% R and More, I've embedded the replay below. If you're not familiar with the power, productivity and enterprise readiness that Revolution R Enterprise brings to open source R, this is a good place to start.


Slides from the webinar and a downloadable video of the replay are also available at the link below.

I thought this was such a lovely story. Mike Mika introduced his daughter to the Nintendo arcade classic Donkey Kong, but she was disappointed that he had to play as Mario. Why couldn't she play as the princess, and save Mario from the dreaded ape? Mike is apparently the best dad ever, because he hacked the Donkey Kong ROM (using Tile Layer Pro) to swap the Mario and Princess roles.

Director of Product Management Thomas Dinsmore brings us news of the next release of Revolution R Enterprise.

In case you missed them, here are some articles from February of particular interest to R users.

How to resample from a large data set with RHadoop, and a video introduction to the RHadoop packages.

A 90-second video explains: What is Revolution R Enterprise

A quick note that I'll be hosting our regularly-scheduled webinar, Revolution R Enterprise, 100% R and More, at 10AM Pacific tomorrow. If you're new to R, or want to learn about the power, scalability and productivity features of Revolution R Enterprise, this is a great place to start.

The Washington Post reports that by analyzing more than 10 million emails sent through the Yahoo! Mail service in 2012, a team of researchers used the R language to create a map of countries whose citizens email each other most frequently: