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Graham Williams is the Lead Data Scientist at the Australian Taxation Office, and the creator of Rattle, an open-source GUI for data mining with R.

A recent feature article in The Atlantic describes the rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and how researchers "conduct sophisticated data analyses using cloud resources such as Amazon Web Services and R, an open source application for statistics". (Via JP.)

by James Paul Peruvankal, Senior Program Manager at Revolution Analytics

If you missed our recent webinar Creating Value that Scales, you missed out on a live demonstration of the big-data analytics of Revolution R Enterprise embedded in the drag-and-drop visual workflow interface of Alteryx. 


Looking for a sweet gift for your data-loving significant other? Then check out these statistical distribution plushies on Etsy:

The BitCoin cryptocurrency has been much in the news of late. What, you don't have BitCoins? (Don't worry, neither do I.) Unless you have a supercomputer in your back yard and a cheap source of power, it's no longer really feasible to mine them yourself. But if you want some, several online exhanges will let you buy BitCoins for real money.

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February 13, 2014

by Joseph Rickert

Recently, I was trying to remember how to make a 3D scatter plot in R when it occurred to me that the documentation on how to do this is scattered all over the place. Hence, this short organizational note that you may find useful.

by Oliver Vagner, Cloud Solutions Lead Architect at Revolution Analytics

Today, I am pleased to announce our new offering in the Amazon Web Services Big Data Marketplace – Revolution R Enterprise 7 for AWS.

Two recent salary surveys have shown that R language skills attract median salaries in excess of $110,000 in the United States.