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Provides access to the Amazon Mechanical Turk (MTurk) Requester API via authenticated HTTP requests executed with the RCurl package and a number of functions to translate API calls into R data structures (using the XML package).


A collection of methods for automated data cleaning where all actions are logged.


Facilitates reading and manipulating (multivariate) data restrictions (edit rules) on numerical and categorical data. Rules can be defined with common R syntax and parsed to an internal (matrix-like format). Rules can be manipulated with variable elimination and value substitution methods, allowing for feasibility checks and more. Data can be tested against the rules and erroneous fields can be found based on Fellegi and Holt's generalized principle. Rules dependencies can be visualized with using the igraph package.


sos4R is a client for Sensor Observation Services (SOS) as specified by the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC). It allows users to retrieve metadata from SOS web services and to interactively create requests for near real-time observation data based on the available sensors, phenomena, observations et cetera using thematic, temporal and spatial filtering.


Enhanced data.frame. Fast indexing, fast ordered joins, fast assignment by reference, fast grouping and list columns in a short and flexible syntax. i and j may be expressions of column names directly, for faster development. Example: X[Y] is a fast join for large data.