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Provides probability mass, distribution, quantile, and random variate generator functions for the Delaporte distribution.


A collection of statistical simulation and computation tools with a GTK GUI, to help teach statistical concepts and compute probabilities. Two domains are covered: I. Understanding (Central-Limit Theorem and the Normal Distribution, Distribution of a sample mean, Distribution of a sample variance, Probability calculator for common distributions), and II. Elementary Bayesian Statistics (bayesian inference on proportions, contingency tables, means and variances, with informative and noninformative priors).


Tools for the generalized logistic distribution (Type I, also known as skew-logistic distribution), encompassing basic distribution functions (p, q, d, r, score), maximum likelihood estimation, and structural change methods.


This package implements both the exact and approximation methods for computing the cdf of the Poisson binomial distribution. It also provides the pmf, quantile function, and random number generation for the Poisson binomial distribution.


The trapezoid package provides dtrapezoid, ptrapezoid, qtrapezoid, and rtrapezoid functions for the trapezoidal distribution.


This package contains several distributions that are sometimes useful in hydrology


Density, Probability and Quantile functions, and random number generation for (skew) stable distributions, using the parametrizations of Nolan.


Extends distribution and density functions to parametric multivariate generalized Pareto distributions (MGPD of Type II), and provides fitting functions which calculate maximum likelihood estimates for bivariate and trivariate models. (Help is under progress)


Fit and simulate mixtures of von Mises-Fisher distributions.


Semi Parametric Piecewise Distribution