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Various functions for classification.


Functions and datasets to support Venables and Ripley, 'Modern Applied Statistics with S' (4th edition, 2002).


FD is a package to compute different multidimensional FD indices. It implements a distance-based framework to measure FD that allows any number and type of functional traits, and can also consider species relative abundances. It also contains other useful tools for functional ecology.


The package allows geometric objects defined in geozoo to be displayed in GGobi through the use of rggobi.


This package introduces new tools for the visualization of missing and/or imputed values, which can be used for exploring the data and the structure of the missing and/or imputed values. Depending on this structure of the missing values, the corresponding methods may help to identify the mechanism generating the missing values and allows to explore the data including missing values. In addition, the quality of imputation can be visually explored using various univariate, bivariate, multiple and multivariate plot methods. A graphical user interface available in the separate package VIMGUI allows an easy handling of the implemented plot methods.


This package estimates factor analysis models using a genetic algorithm, which permits a general mechanism for restricted optimization with arbitrary restrictions that are chosen at run time with the help of a GUI. Importantly, inequality restrictions can be imposed on functions of multiple parameters, which provides a new avenues for testing and generating theories with factor analysis models. This package also includes an entirely new estimator of the common factor analysis model called semi-exploratory factor analysis, which is a general alternative to exploratory and confirmatory factor analysis. Finally, this package integrates a lot of other packages that estimate sample covariance matrices and thus provides a lot of alternatives to the traditional sample covariance calculation. Note that you need to have the Gtk run time library installed on your system to use this package; see the URL below for detailed installation instructions. Most users would only need to understand the first twenty-four pages of the PDF manual.


Functions for manipulating skew-normal and skew-t probability distributions, and for fitting them to data, in the scalar and in the multivariate case.


relaimpo provides several metrics for assessing relative importance in linear models. These can be printed, plotted and bootstrapped. The recommended metric is lmg, which provides a decomposition of the model explained variance into non-negative contributions. There is a version of this package available that additionally provides a new and also recommended metric called pmvd. If you are a non-US user, you can download this extended version from Ulrike Groempings web site.


Computes polychoric and polyserial correlations by quick "two-step" methods or ML, optionally with standard errors; tetrachoric and biserial correlations are special cases.


Interface to the XGobi and XGvis programs for graphical data analysis.