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Package reference: B

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Package Description
B2Z Bayesian Two-Zone Model
b6e6rl Adaptive differential evolution, b6e6rl variant
BaBooN Bayesian Bootstrap Predictive Mean Matching - Multiple and single imputation for discrete data
BACCO Bayesian Analysis of Computer Code Output (BACCO)
backfitRichards Backfitted independent values of Richards curves
backtest Exploring portfolio-based conjectures about financial instruments
BACprior Sensitivity of the Bayesian Adjustment for Confounding (BAC) algorithm to the choice of hyperparameter omega.
BADER Bayesian Analysis of Differential Expression in RNA Sequencing Data
BAEssd Bayesian Average Error approach to Sample Size Determination
bagRboostR Ensemble bagging and boosting classifiers
BaM Functions and datasets for books by Jeff Gill.
BAMD Bayesian Association Model for Genomic Data with Missing Covariates
bamdit Bayesian Meta-Analysis of diagnostic test data
barcode Barcode distribution plots
BARD Better Automated ReDistricting
bark Bayesian Additive Regresssion Kernels
Barnard Barnard's Unconditional Test
BAS Bayesian Model Averaging using Bayesian Adaptive Sampling
BaSAR Bayesian Spectrum Analysis in R
base64 Base 64 encoder/decoder
base64enc Tools for base64 encoding
baseline Baseline Correction of Spectra
basicspace A Package to Recover a Basic Space from Issue Scales
BaSTA A package for estimating age-specific survival from incomplete capture-recapture/recovery data
batade HTML reports and so on
batch Batching Routines in Parallel and Passing Command-Line Arguments to R
BatchExperiments Statistical experiments on batch computing clusters.
BatchJobs Batch computing with R.
batchmeans Consistent Batch Means Estimation of Monte Carlo Standard Errors
BayesBridge Bridge Regression
bayesCGH Bayesian analysis of array CGH data
bayesclust Tests/Searches for significant clusters in genetic data.
BayesComm Bayesian community ecology analysis
bayescount Power calculations and Bayesian analysis of count distributions and FECRT data using MCMC
BayesCR Bayesian analysis of censored linear regression models with scale mixtures of normal (SMN) distributions.
BayesDA Functions and Datasets for the book "Bayesian Data Analysis"
bayesDem Graphical User Interface for bayesTFR, bayesLife and bayesPop
BayesFactor Computation of Bayes factors for common designs
bayesGARCH Bayesian Estimation of the GARCH(1,1) Model with Student-t Innovations
bayesGDS Functions to implement Generalized Direct Sampling
bayesLife Bayesian Projection of Life Expectancy
BayesLogit Logistic Regression
bayesm Bayesian Inference for Marketing/Micro-econometrics
bayesmix Bayesian Mixture Models with JAGS
BayesNI BayesNI: Bayesian Testing Procedure for Noninferiority with Binary Endpoints