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Package reference: C

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Package Description
c060 Additional variable selection, model validation and parameter tuning functions for glmnet models
c3net Infering large-scale gene networks with C3NET
C50 C5.0 Decision Trees and Rule-Based Models
ca Simple, Multiple and Joint Correspondence Analysis
cabootcrs Bootstrap Confidence Regions for Correspondence Analysis.
cacher Tools for caching and distributing statistical analyses
cacheSweave Tools for caching Sweave computations
cacIRT Classification accuracy and consistency under Item Response Theory
CaDENCE Conditional Density Estimation Network Construction and Evaluation
CADFtest This package performs the CADF unit root test proposed in Hansen (1995).
CADStat Provides a GUI to several statistical methods useful for causal assessment.
caGUI A Tcl/Tk GUI for the functions in the ca package
Cairo R graphics device using cairo graphics library for creating high-quality bitmap (PNG, JPEG, TIFF), vector (PDF, SVG, PostScript) and display (X11 and Win32) output.
cairoDevice Cairo-based cross-platform antialiased graphics device driver.
CalciOMatic Automatic Calcium Imaging Analysis
calib Statistical tool for calibration of plate based bioassays
calibFit Statistical models and tools for assay calibration
calibrate Calibration of Scatterplot and Biplot Axes
calibrator Bayesian calibration of complex computer codes
calmate CalMaTe - Improved allele-specific copy number of SNP arrays for downstream segmentation
CAMAN Finite Mixture Models and meta-analysis tools - based on C.A.MAN
caMassClass Processing & Classification of Protein Mass Spectra (SELDI) Data
cancerTiming Estimation of temporal ordering of cancer abnormalities
candisc Visualizing Generalized Canonical Discriminant and Canonical Correlation Analysis
canvas R graphics device targeting the HTML canvas element.
cape Combined analysis of pleiotropy and epistasis
caper Comparative Analyses of Phylogenetics and Evolution in R
capme Covariate Adjusted Precision Matrix Estimation
capushe Capushe, data-driven slope estimation and dimension jump
capwire Estimates population size from non-invasive sampling
car Companion to Applied Regression
CARBayes Spatial areal unit modelling
CarbonEL Carbon Event Loop
carcass Estimation of the number of fatalities from carcass searches
cardidates Identification of cardinal dates in ecological time series
care High-Dimensional Regression and CAR Score Variable Selection
caret Classification and Regression Training
caretLSF Classification and Regression Training LSF Style
caretNWS Classification and Regression Training in Parallel Using NetworkSpaces
caribou Estimation of caribou abundance based on large scale aggregations monitored by radio telemetry
caroline A Collection of Database, Data Structure, Visualization, and Utility Functions for R
CARramps Reparameterized and marginalized posterior sampling for conditional autoregressive models
caschrono S
caspar Clustered and sparse regression (CaSpaR)
cat Analysis of categorical-variable datasets with missing values