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Analysis of data from aCGH experiments
Ramon Diaz-Uriarte <>, Oscar M. Rueda <>. Wavelet-based aCGH smoothing code from Li Hsu <> and Douglas Grove <>. Imagemap code from Barry Rowlingson <>. HaarSeg code from Erez Ben-Yaacov; downloaded from <>
GPL (>= 3)
Analysis and plotting of array CGH data. Allows usage of Circular Binary Segementation, wavelet-based smoothing (both as in Liu et al., and HaarSeg as in Ben-Yaacov and Eldar), , ACE method (CGH Explorer), HMM, BioHMM, GLAD, CGHseg, and Price's modification of Smith & Waterman's algorith. Most computations are parallelized. Figures are imagemaps with links to IDClight (
Package Version Released
ADaCGH 1.5-3 6 years 12 weeks ago
ADaCGH 1.3-7
ADaCGH 1.3-4
ADaCGH 1.3-13
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