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Reference index for {Epi}

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lep {Epi}An unmatched case-control study of leprosy incidence
levels.Lexis {Epi}Transform a Lexis (or stacked.Lexis) objects
Lexis {Epi}Create a Lexis object
Lexis.diagram {Epi}Plot a Lexis diagram
Lexis.lines {Epi}Draw life lines in a Lexis diagram.
Life.lines {Epi}Compute dates/ages for life lines in a Lexis diagram
lines.apc {Epi}Plot APC-estimates in an APC-frame.
lines.Lexis {Epi}Lexis diagrams
lines.pState {Epi}Simulate a Lexis object representing follow-up in a multistate model.
linesEst {Epi}Plot estimates with confidence limits (forest plot)
lls {Epi}Functions to manage and explore the workspace
lungDK {Epi}Male lung cancer incidence in Denmark