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Reference index for {Epi}

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S.typh {Epi}Salmonella Typhimurium outbreak 1996 in Denmark.
simLexis {Epi}Simulate a Lexis object representing follow-up in a multistate model.
splitLexis {Epi}Split follow-up time in a Lexis object
stack.Lexis {Epi}Functions to facilitate analysis of multistate models.
start.Lexis {Epi}Time series methods for Lexis objects
stat.table {Epi}Tables of summary statistics
stattable.funs {Epi}Special functions for use in stat.table
subset.Lexis {Epi}Subsetting Lexis (and stacked.Lexis) objects
summary.Lexis {Epi}Summarize transitions and risk time from a Lexis object