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Reference index for {GeoXp}

angleplotmap {GeoXp}Detection of an eventual directional trend
barmap {GeoXp}Interactive Bar plot and map
barnbmap {GeoXp}Bar plot of the number of neighbour and map
boxplotmap {GeoXp}Interactive boxplot and map
carte {GeoXp}Drawing a map
choix.bubble {GeoXp}Selection of a variable before plotting bubbles
choix.couleur {GeoXp}Selection of colors before plotting map
choixvarfunc {GeoXp}Selection of a variable before plotting bubbles
clustermap {GeoXp}Classification of dataset using kmeans or hclust algorithm and representation of clusters on a map.
dbledensitymap {GeoXp}Double Kernel density estimates and map
dblehistomap {GeoXp}Double Interactive Histogram and map
densitymap {GeoXp}Kernel density estimates and map
driftmap {GeoXp}Interactive driftplot and map
genpca {GeoXp}Generalized Principal Component Analysis (PCA)
GeoXp {GeoXp}Interactive exploratory spatial data analysis
gini {GeoXp}Calculates a Gini Index
ginimap {GeoXp}Lorentz curve and map
graphique {GeoXp}Drawing a graphic
histnbmap {GeoXp}Interactive histogram of the distances between two neighbors of a nb object and map
histobarmap {GeoXp}Histogram, barplot and map