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Reference index for {HH}

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iceskate {HH}Datasets for Statistical Analysis and Data Display, Heiberger and Holland
if.R {HH}Conditional Execution for R or S-Plus
interaction.positioned {HH}interaction method for positioned factors.
interaction2wt {HH}Plot all main effects and twoway interactions in a multifactor design
interval {HH}Prediction and Confidence Intervals for glm Objects
intxplot {HH}Interaction plot, with an option to print standard error bars.
is.likert {HH}Support functions for diverging stacked barcharts for Likert, semantic differential, and rating scale data.
is.listOfNamedMatrices {HH}Convert a list of matrices to a single matrix
is.numeric.positioned {HH}Find or assign the implied position for graphing the levels of a factor. A new class "positioned", which inherits from "ordered" and "factor", is defined.