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Reference index for {HH}

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mainSubLegend.trellis {HH}Print two conformable trellis plots in adjacent columns with user control of widths.
maiz {HH}Datasets for Statistical Analysis and Data Display, Heiberger and Holland
make.yaxis.hh.labels {HH}make x- and y-axis labels
matrix {HH}Convert a list of matrices to a single matrix
matrix.trellis {HH}Convert a one-dimensional trellis object to a two-dimensional trellis object. This permits combineLimits and useOuterStrips to work.
mcalinfct {HH}MCA multiple comparisons analysis (pairwise)
mcp2matrix.993 {HH}Retain averaging behavior that was previously available in glht.
mmc {HH}MMC (Mean--mean Multiple Comparisons) plots.
mmc.mean {HH}MMC (Mean--mean Multiple Comparisons) plots from the sufficient statistics for a one-way design.
mmcAspect {HH}Control aspect ratio in MMC plots to maintain isomeans grid as a square.
mmcisomeans {HH}Functions used by mmcplot.
mmcplot {HH}MMC (Mean-mean Multiple Comparisons) plots in lattice.
mmcPruneIsomeans {HH}MMC plots in lattice---suppress isomeans grid lines for specified levels of the factor.
model.frame.ancova {HH}Compute and plot oneway analysis of covariance
model.tables.ancovaplot {HH}ANOVA table for a c("ancovaplot","trellis") object.
multicomp.order {HH}Update a multicomp object by ordering its contrasts.
multicomp.reverse {HH}Force all comparisons in a "multicomp" object to have the same sign.