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Reference index for {HH}

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panel.acf {HH}Panel functions for tsdiagplot. {HH}AE (Adverse Events) dotplot of incidence and relative risk
panel.ancova.superpose {HH}Analysis of Covariance Plots
panel.axis.right {HH}Right-justify right-axis tick labels.
panel.bwplot.intermediate.hh {HH}Panel functions for bwplot.
panel.bwplot.superpose {HH}Panel function for bwplot that displays an entire box in the colors coded by groups.
panel.bwplott {HH}Extension to S-Plus trellis to allow transposed plots.
panel.cartesian {HH}trellis panel function, with labeled rows and columns and without strip labels. {HH}Default Panel Function for ci.plot
panel.confintMMC {HH}Confidence interval panel for MMC tiebreaker plots, or confidence interval plot.
panel.dotplot.tb {HH}Dotplot with evenly spaced tiebreakers.
panel.interaction2wt {HH}Plot all main effects and twoway interactions in a multifactor design
panel.intxplot {HH}Interaction plot, with an option to print standard error bars.
panel.isomeans {HH}isomeans grid for MMC plots.
panel.likert {HH}Panel functions for likert that include a stackWidth argument
panel.pairs.hh {HH}Function based on S-Plus panel.pairs to add the subpanel.scales and panel.cex arguments.
panel.residSquare {HH}Draw a plot of y vs x from a linear model object, with residuals indicated by lines or squares.
panel.xysplom {HH}panel method for xysplom.
partial.corr {HH}partial correlations
pchisq.intermediate {HH}Intermediate f and chisq functions to simplify writing for both R and S-Plus.