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Reference index for {HH}

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salary {HH}Datasets for Statistical Analysis and Data Display, Heiberger and Holland
scaleLocation {HH}Draw plots of resid ~ y.hat and sqrt(abs(resid)) ~ y.hat
scanHex {HH}Format numbers in binary and hex and decimal format, and scan binary and hex.
seqplot {HH}Time series plot.
seqplot.forecast {HH}seqplot with confidence bands for the forecast region.
seqplot.forecast {HH}Defunct Functions in Package 'HH'
showHex {HH}Show numbers in binary and hex and decimal format
sliding {HH}Diverging stacked barcharts for Likert, semantic differential, rating scale data, and population pyramids.
strip.background0 {HH}Turn off the coloring in the trellis strip labels. Color 0 is the background color.
strip.interaction2wt {HH}Plot all main effects and twoway interactions in a multifactor design
strip.ladder {HH}Draw a "ladder of powers" plot, plotting each of several powers of y against the same powers of x.
strip.xysplom {HH}strip function that is able to place the correlation or regression coefficient into the strip label.
sufficient {HH}Calculates the mean, standard deviation, and number of observations in each group of a data.frame that has one continuous variable and two factors.
summary.ancova {HH}Compute and plot oneway analysis of covariance
summary.arma.loop {HH}summary and print and subscript methods for tsdiagplot and related objects.
summaryHH {HH}Display tabular results for Best Subsets Regression.
summary_HH {HH}Display tabular results for Best Subsets Regression.