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Reference index for {Haplin}

cbindFiles {Haplin}Combine a sequence of files by columns
convertPed {Haplin}Convert large ped files by creating unique IDs, converting allele coding and extracting a selection of SNPs
gwaaToHaplin {Haplin}Convert a loaded GenABEL object to a Haplin format character matrix
gxe {Haplin}Test for gene-environment interaction
haplin {Haplin}Fitting log-linear models to case-parent triad and/or case-control data
haplinSlide {Haplin}Fit haplin in a series of sliding windows over a sequence of markers/SNPs
haplinStrat {Haplin}Fit haplin to each subset/stratum of data, determined by the argument strata
haplinTDT {Haplin}Transmission disequilibrium tests for case-parent triad data
hapPower {Haplin}Power simulation for association analyses with Haplin
hapRun {Haplin}Simulates genetic data and runs Haplin for each simulation
hapSim {Haplin}Simulation of genetic data in Haplin format
haptable {Haplin}Create haplin table
lineByLine {Haplin}Line-by-line modification of files
output {Haplin}Save files with summary, table, and plot from a haplin object.
pedToHaplin {Haplin}Convert from ped format data to Haplin format
plot.haplin {Haplin}Plot a haplin object
plot.haplinTDT {Haplin}Plot a haplinTDT object
plot.haptable {Haplin}Plot a haptable object
pQQ {Haplin}QQ-plot with confidence intervals for a vector of p-values
prepPed {Haplin}Extract family and phenotype information from a ped-format file, to prepare for use in Haplin