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Reference index for {MALDIquant}

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MALDIquant {MALDIquant}Quantitative Analysis of Mass Spectrometry Data
mass {MALDIquant}Class "AbstractSpectrumData"
mass {MALDIquant}Class "AbstractMassObject"
MassPeaks {MALDIquant}Class "MassPeaks"
MassSpectrum {MALDIquant}Class "MassSpectrum"
mergeMassPeaks {MALDIquant}Merges MassPeaks objects.
mergeMassSpectra {MALDIquant}Merges MassPeaks or MassSpectrum objects.
mergeMassSpectra {MALDIquant}Deprecated Functions/Methods in Package MALDIquant
monoisotopicPeaks {MALDIquant}Finds monoisotopic peaks in a MassPeaks object.
movingAverage {MALDIquant}Moving Average Smoothing Filter
msiSlices {MALDIquant}Turn a list of AbstractMassObjects into a mass spectrometry imaging slice.