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Reference index for {ProDenICA}

amari {ProDenICA}Compute the 'Amari' distance between two matrices
d.gaussmix {ProDenICA}Internal ProDenICA functions
djordan {ProDenICA}Generate source densities for ICA
dmix.dexp {ProDenICA}Internal ProDenICA functions
G0 {ProDenICA}FastICA contrast functions.
G1 {ProDenICA}FastICA contrast functions.
GPois {ProDenICA}Fit a tilted Gaussian density via a Poisson GAM
ICAorthW {ProDenICA}turn a matrix W into an orthogonal matrix
mixmat {ProDenICA}Generate a random mixing matrix with condition number between 1 and 2
modulus {ProDenICA}Internal ProDenICA functions
ProDenICA {ProDenICA}Product Density Independent Component Analysis
r.gaussmix {ProDenICA}Internal ProDenICA functions
rjordan {ProDenICA}Generate source densities for ICA
rmix.dexp {ProDenICA}Internal ProDenICA functions