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Reference index for {R.filesets}

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GenericDataFile {R.filesets}The abstract GenericDataFile class {R.filesets}Returns a short string describing the file
GenericDataFile.compareChecksum {R.filesets}Compares the file checksum with the value of the checksum file
GenericDataFile.copyTo {R.filesets}Safely copies a file to a new pathname
GenericDataFile.equals {R.filesets}Checks if a file equals another
GenericDataFile.fromFile {R.filesets}Defines a GenericDataFile from a pathname
GenericDataFile.fromFile {R.filesets}Defines a GenericDataFile from a pathname
GenericDataFile.hasBeenModified {R.filesets}Checks whether the file has been modified
GenericDataFile.isFile {R.filesets}Checks if this is an existing file
GenericDataFile.linkTo {R.filesets}Creates a symbolic file link
GenericDataFile.readChecksum {R.filesets}Reads the value of the corresponding checksum file
GenericDataFile.renameTo {R.filesets}Renames/moves a file
GenericDataFile.validate {R.filesets}Validates the content of a file
GenericDataFile.validateChecksum {R.filesets}Asserts that the file checksum matches the one of the checksum file
GenericDataFile.writeChecksum {R.filesets}Write the file checksum to a checksum file
GenericDataFileList {R.filesets}Non-documented objects
GenericDataFileSet {R.filesets}The GenericDataFileSet class
GenericDataFileSet.anyNA {R.filesets}Checks whether any of the pathnames are missing
GenericDataFileSet.append {R.filesets}Appends one data set to an existing one
GenericDataFileSet.appendFiles {R.filesets}Appends a list of files to a data set