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Reference index for {R.filesets}

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R.filesets {R.filesets}Package R.filesets
RDataFile {R.filesets}The RDataFile class
RDataFileSet {R.filesets}The RDataFileSet class
RdsFile {R.filesets}The RdsFile class
RdsFileSet {R.filesets}The RdsFileSet class
readChecksum {R.filesets}Non-documented objects
readChecksum.ChecksumFile {R.filesets}Reads the checksum value
readChecksum.GenericDataFile {R.filesets}Reads the value of the corresponding checksum file
readColumns.GenericTabularFile {R.filesets}Reads a subset of the columns as a data frame
readDataFrame {R.filesets}Reads data from a tabular file
readDataFrame.GenericTabularFile {R.filesets}Reads the tabular data as a data frame
readDataFrame.TabularTextFile {R.filesets}Reads the tabular data as a data frame
readDataFrame.TabularTextFileSet {R.filesets}Reads the tabular data from all files as data frames
readLines.TabularTextFile {R.filesets}Reads the lines of the data file as strings
renameTo.GenericDataFile {R.filesets}Renames/moves a file
rep.GenericDataFileSet {R.filesets}Appends one data set to an existing one