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Reference index for {R.filesets}

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TabularTextFile {R.filesets}The TabularTextFile class
TabularTextFile.getColumnNames {R.filesets}Gets the column names
TabularTextFile.getDefaultColumnNames {R.filesets}Gets the default column names
TabularTextFile.getHeader {R.filesets}Gets the file header
TabularTextFile.hasColumnHeader {R.filesets}Checks if there are column names in the header
TabularTextFile.nbrOfLines {R.filesets}Counts the number of lines in the data file
TabularTextFile.nbrOfRows {R.filesets}Counts the number of data rows
TabularTextFile.readDataFrame {R.filesets}Reads the tabular data as a data frame
TabularTextFile.readLines {R.filesets}Reads the lines of the data file as strings
TabularTextFile.writeColumnsToFiles {R.filesets}Read each column from a data file and exports it to a separate file
TabularTextFileSet {R.filesets}The TabularTextFileSet class
TabularTextFileSet.readDataFrame {R.filesets}Reads the tabular data from all files as data frames
testAttributes {R.filesets}Non-documented objects