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A GTK GUI for fitting and comparing GLM and GLMM in R
Yvonnick Noel
GPL (>= 2)
R2STATS is a gWidgetsRGtk2 GUI for fitting and comparing GLM or GLMM (based on Douglas Bates' lme4 package) in R. It is designed to make comparisons between numerous models easy, both numerically and graphically, which may be useful for teaching. Relevant plots are automatically produced for each model family. R2STATS is *not* a generic graphical interface for R, but a GUI for statistical modelling in a model comparison approach.
Package Version Released
R2STATS 0.68-32 2 years 32 weeks ago
R2STATS 0.68-31 3 years 25 weeks ago
R2STATS 0.68-30 3 years 26 weeks ago
R2STATS 0.68-27 4 years 27 weeks ago
R2STATS 0.68-26 4 years 27 weeks ago
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