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Running WinBUGS and OpenBUGS from R / S-PLUS
originally written by Andrew Gelman <>; changes and packaged by Sibylle Sturtz <> and Uwe Ligges <>. With considerable contributions by Gregor Gorjanc <> and Jouni Kerman <>. Ported to S-PLUS by Insightful Corp.
Using this package, it is possible to call a BUGS model, summarize inferences and convergence in a table and graph, and save the simulations in arrays for easy access in R / S-PLUS. In S-PLUS, the openbugs functionality and the windows emulation functionality is not yet available.
Package Version Released
R2WinBUGS 2.1-8
R2WinBUGS 2.1-6
R2WinBUGS 2.1-19 3 years 12 weeks ago
R2WinBUGS 2.1-18 5 years 14 weeks ago
R2WinBUGS 2.1-16 6 years 33 weeks ago
R2WinBUGS 2.1-15 6 years 34 weeks ago
R2WinBUGS 2.1-14
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