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R Commander
John Fox [aut, cre], Milan Bouchet-Valat [aut], Liviu Andronic [ctb], Michael Ash [ctb], Theophilius Boye [ctb], Stefano Calza [ctb], Andy Chang [ctb], Philippe Grosjean [ctb], Richard Heiberger [ctb], Kosar Karimi Pour [ctb], G. Jay Kerns [ctb], Renaud Lancelot [ctb], Matthieu Lesnoff [ctb], Uwe Ligges [ctb], Samir Messad [ctb], Martin Maechler [ctb], Robert Muenchen [ctb], Duncan Murdoch [ctb], Erich Neuwirth [ctb], Dan Putler [ctb], Brian Ripley [ctb], Miroslav Ristic [ctb], Peter Wolf [ctb], Kevin Wright [ctb]
GPL (>= 2)
A platform-independent basic-statistics GUI (graphical user interface) for R, based on the tcltk package.
Package Version Released
Rcmdr 2.0-0 1 year 28 weeks ago
Rcmdr 1.9-6 1 year 50 weeks ago
Rcmdr 1.9-5 2 years 3 weeks ago
Rcmdr 1.9-4 2 years 5 weeks ago
Rcmdr 1.9-3 2 years 7 weeks ago
Rcmdr 1.9-2 2 years 20 weeks ago
Rcmdr 1.9-1 2 years 24 weeks ago
Rcmdr 1.9-0 2 years 26 weeks ago
Rcmdr 1.8-4 2 years 47 weeks ago
Rcmdr 1.8-3 3 years 2 weeks ago
I use Rcmdr on Linux, since base R doesn't have a GUI. Rcmdr does some things well. I like the way you can load a data set and perform various operations on it. But it has some real limitations...
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