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Reference index for {SoilR}

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AbsoluteFractionModern_from_Delta14C {SoilR}Converts its argument to an Absolute Fraction Modern representation
AbsoluteFractionModern_from_Delta14C_method__matrix {SoilR}Converts from Delta14C to Absolute Fraction Modern
AbsoluteFractionModern_from_Delta14C_method__numeric {SoilR}Converts from Delta14C to Absolute Fraction Modern
AbsoluteFractionModern_method__BoundFc {SoilR}convert to Absolute Fraction Normal values
as.character {SoilR}creates a character representation of the object in question
as.character_method__BoundInFlux {SoilR}convert BoundInFlux Objects to something printable.
as.character_method__TimeMap {SoilR}convert TimeMap Objects to something printable.