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Reference index for {USPS}

SPSlogit {USPS}Propensity Score prediction of Treatment Selection from Patient Baseline X-covariates
SPSnbins {USPS}Change the Number of Bins in Supervised Propensiy Scoring
SPSoutco {USPS}Examine Treatment Differences on an Outcome Measure in Supervised Propensiy Scoring
SPSsmoot {USPS}Spline Smoothing of Outcome by Treatment in Supervised Propensiy Scoring
UPlinint {USPS}Internal USPS functions.
UPSaccum {USPS}Prepare for Accumulation of (Outcome,Treatment) Results in Unsupervised Propensity Scoring.
UPSaltdd {USPS}Artificial Distribution of LTDs from Random Clusters
UPSgraph {USPS}Display Sensitivity Analysis Graphic in Unsupervised Propensiy Scoring
UPShclus {USPS}Hierarchical Clustering of Patients on X-covariates for Unsupervised Propensiy Scoring
UPSivadj {USPS}Instrumental Variable LATE Linear Fitting in Unsupervised Propensiy Scoring
UPSnnltd {USPS}Nearest Neighbor Distribution of LTDs in Unsupervised Propensiy Scoring