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Reference index for {Zelig}

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alpha {Zelig}Extract ancillary parameters from `parameters' objects
approval {Zelig}U.S. Presidential Approval Data
as.bootlist {Zelig}Convert of Vector of Bootstrapped Parameters to a List-style Boot Object
as.bootvector {Zelig}Convert Boot Object to a Vector {Zelig}Coerce a setx Object into a data.frame
as.description {Zelig}Generic Method for Casting 'description' Objects
as.description.description {Zelig}description -> description
as.description.list {Zelig}list -> description
as.matrix.pooled.setx {Zelig}Convert a “pooled.setx” Object to a Matrix
as.matrix.setx {Zelig}Convert a 'setx' Object to a Matrix
as.parameters {Zelig}Generic Method for Converting Objects into 'parameters'
as.parameters.default {Zelig}??? -> parameters
as.parameters.list {Zelig}list -> parameters
as.parameters.parameters {Zelig}parameters -> parameters This is merely an identity function when casting 'parameters' objects into 'parameters'.
as.qi {Zelig}Generic Method for Converting Various Objects into 'qi' Objects 'qi' objects are list-style objects used by the 'summarize' function to compute simple summaries about the simulated data. For readability and and simplicity purposes, the 'qi' function typically returns a list of named simulations. This list is converted internally by Zelig into a 'qi' object so that several methods can be easily applied to the Quantities of Interest: plot, summarize, and print
as.qi.default {Zelig}??? -> qi
as.qi.list {Zelig}list -> qi This function has a lot of room to go wrong. It tries o detect whether the zelig model is old-style or new-style (as of 4/4/2011). Eventually this feature should be phased out.
as.qi.qi {Zelig}qi -> qi
as.summarized {Zelig}Generic Method for Casting Objectst as 'summarized' Objects
as.summarized.list {Zelig}list -> summarized.qi Convert a list into a “summarized.qi” object