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Reference index for {Zelig}

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callToString {Zelig}Convert call Object to a String
ci.plot {Zelig}Method for plotting qi simulations across a range within a variable, with confidence intervals
cite {Zelig}Citation information for a 'description' object
cluster.formula {Zelig}Generate Formulae that Consider Clustering
cmvglm {Zelig}cmvglm
coalition {Zelig}Coalition Dissolution in Parliamentary Democracies
coalition2 {Zelig}Coalition Dissolution in Parliamentary Democracies, Modified Version
coef.parameters {Zelig}Return Simulations of Parameter Coefficients
combine {Zelig}Produce All Combinations of a Set of Lists
constructDataFrame {Zelig}Construct Data Frame Construct and return a tiny (single-row) data-frame from a larger data-frame, a list of specified values, and a formula
constructDesignMatrix {Zelig}Construct Design Matrix from Construct and return a design matrix based on a tiny data-frame (single-row).
createJSON {Zelig}Utility function for constructing JSON file that encodes the hierarchy of available statistical models in Zelig
current.packages {Zelig}Find all packages in a dependency chain